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PC World/CoverPlan

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Mr P Slater
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I bought an Advent 3020 PC from PC World on 6/12/99 for £1,083, which included three CoverPlan agreements on the printer (£65), the monitor (£74) and PC itself (£139). The CoverPlan reference number for the PC is 0777XXXXXX.

On or around 18/03 the PC started locking up and after several calls to the National Rate Helpline, they finally agreed there was a hardware fault and on 25/2 they gave me a reference number of 819xxx and agreed to send an engineer out. This itself was no mean feat.

From there, the story goes like this:

Thu 27/02 Engineer visit #1 (home). PC failing POST (Power-On Self-Test). Probably needs a new motherboard. The one the engineer had with him was dead on arrival (DOA). Re-booked for Mon 03/03. Suggested I take the PC to my local PC World (Aintree) for the engineer to work on it there.

Mon 03/03. Engineer visit #2 (PC World Aintree). Still failing POST. Motherboard engineer brought was DOA again. Promised to rebook for Wed and make sure the motherboard was tested beforehand.

Wed 05/03. Engineer visit #3 (PC World Aintree). This time, instead of bringing a fully tested motherboard, the engineer did not bring one at all! Re-booked for Friday and promised again to bring a tested motherboard.

Fri 07/03. Engineer visit #4 (PC World Aintree). Still failing POST, despite trying several new components including a new motherboard. Suggested the best option is to take the PC into the workshop in Newton Aycliff for further testing. Engineer books the couriers to collect the PC from PC World Aintree.

Thu 13/03. Contacted support line again to check on progress. PC still has not arrived at Newton Aycliffe! Asked to contact them again on Monday as it may take a few days to get there. How - by carrier pigeon?

Mon 17/07. Contacted support line again to check on progress. PC still has not arrived at Newton Aycliffe! They conatcted their couruers (Burnham's) - it is apparently still in transit. No-one knows where it is or when it will arrive.

All I get when I complain is useless platitudes. there is no escalation procedure to raise the visibility of my problems. I need the PC for my work, and my daughter has all her GCSE course work on the PC and has her exams in June. My only recourse, according to everyone in the support number and the Dixon group complaint line, is to write a formal complaint; no-one is empowered to help me get my PC fixed. After 6 weeks has elapsed I will be entitled to a replacement, but all I want is my PC back working so my daughter can get her work done.

Please help. And please, anyone who reads this I would strongly recommend never to use PC World or CoverPlan again, for anything. The level of service is diabolical, appalling. I am going to tell everyone I know, and everyone I meet about how bad this service is. I am going to write to every watchdog and newspaper that I can. I hope somehow, somewhere, there is some-one who can make these people listen and take action.

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I bought a Pulsar 600 from PC world in Aintree. They told me it had an AGP slot and that I could upgrade the CPU. But now I know a bit about computers and unfortunately my warranty has run out, I have realised that they simply lied to me. I`ll never use PC world again for any reason and I tell everyone I know with a PC, not to either.

I asked them recently if I could upgrade my CPU but they now say I need to upgrade my motherboard aswell, as the CPU is already at its limit! They are the worst PC shop in the UK. Plus if you email/telephone them a question they simply refer you to the branch where you purchased your PC. That`s the whole point of email/telephone isn`t it? To avoid going there in person?
Disgraceful. E Swindells... 18 June 2003
I bought an Advent from PC world in Nottingham December 2002.
I tried to plug it to the TV so that I could watch DVD's. I got the computer screen on the TV but no Film I spoke to 5 different members at PC helpline but no body actually told me that I was playing the DVD through the wrong software. It has cost over £40 in phone calls when it could have been resolved quite simply in less than 2 minutes. A very simple problem that PC world didn't resolve in the end any way. It was only by going through all of the software that I found the problem myself. Amanda Bird ... 11 August 2003
I bought a laptop computer from PCWorld 1 year ago
and have had nothing but trouble with it ever since.The staff I talked to over the last 12 months were very un-helpful and quick to pass on the problem to somebody else. With one of the problems I spoke to a person on the technical support helpline and they told me to format my hard drive instead of letting me know of an alternative, long winded procedure where I could save all data before formatting to clear the fault.

The last time I got my laptop back from the workshop (hardware fault) it had a rattle. As I use it for business I had to carry on using it until I had time to investigate the problem . I eventually found out that the com port was faulty and one of the pins was missing, obviously inside. Back to the workshop ! Then I receive a letter saying "to repair the laptop will cost 808.85" As it is not covered under the 1 year warrenty and comes under accidental damage !
These are just a few of the problems I've had.I really feel like giving up now. I will NEVER buy from PC World again.
Chris Deaville...23 november 2003

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