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PC World

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Mr M Mead
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I bought a laptop that was tempremental to say the least, and to cut a long story short it was replaced under the coverplan agreement after coming back from repair in a worse state than it was sent.

The next laptop I got from them was an Advent 6412DVD, I was told by the sales rep that it was a good brand to get as it was their own brand and as such could be repaired easier and parts were more available.

I have had numerous problems with the machine since I bought it, nearly all of them power supply problems. One time it was sent away for 2 weeks and came back in exactly the same condition!

I have sent the unit away 3 times now and it still gives me problems.
I spent a lot of money on this machine and don't see why I have to put up with this unreliability, I am constantly left without a functional machine but have been told by PC World that it is something I have to put up with as they will not exchange the laptop.

The last time I called was the 6th of May 02, I was told by PC service call that I should contact trading standards as PC World were notorious for this sort of thing.
Also when I have called the service department they did not return my calls, I called 9 times!!!!

I am absolutely disgusted by the service I have received.

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