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PC World Manchester
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Mr Simon Aspinall
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I bought a Packard Bell PC from PC World in November 2000. I paid 1100 pounds plus and extra 350 pounds to insure it until 2005.

In February 2002 it broke down so I contacted PC World Service Call to have an engineer come and fix it. 5 engineers later it still wasn't fixed. The engineers would either turn up with no new parts or with the wrong parts.

After 6 weeks they said I could invoke the 6 week rule which means if my computer wasnt repaired then I am entitled to a brand new system. I decided to take this option. 2 weeks after the 6 weeks of waiting I am still without a computer so I called the Coverplan insurance company to see what the status was.

The rep said he had no information concerning my computer and as my broken computer hadn't been picked up from my home yet that they couldn't deal with it yet.

PC World haven't contacted me about collecting the computer and I am still stuck computerless after 8 weeks after paying out a lot of money.

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