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Mr T Cutler
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My complaint is about Moben Kitchens Salesmen, Area Managers and Customer Support Staff. Early in May 2002 we dicided to have a new kitchen fitted so we approached Moben Kitchens to have a saleman visit us. He did in record time. During my converstion with him regarding my requirements I told him that I wanted a Gloss-finish kitchen, with stainless-steel fitments and a range cooker. As a gloss-finish units he recommended the Kensington and although he did not have a sample with him he showed me a gloss-finished sample and said the Kensington was the same as that.

We also ordered a stainless-steel sink the one shown at the bottom of page 81 of Moben kitchens brochure.

The salesman at this time told me that if I sighed a credit agreement with First National for a set period they would reduce the final cost by £250, then we could pay off the credit agreement fully at the first repayment time so saving £250.

When the units eventually arrived I noticed that the kitchen had matt-finish doors and not gloss as we had asked for. I contacted Moben head office who passed me to the area office.There I spoke to the area manager who was no help at all saying "the Kensington did not come in a Gloss-finish so I must be wrong and he believed his salesman anyway".

In a later phone call he then stated that Moben did do a new gloss-finish unit but it would cost another £450. I was not willing to pay the additional cost so I accepted the kitchen. NB at this time I visted a number of Moben show rooms and low and behold they had an old Gloss-Finish kitchen on show. This must have been the one the salesman showed me.

Weeks later the fitter arrived to fit the kitchen and we now found that the sink and tap unit were not as I had ordered, (Page 81) once again I contacted the area manager and told him what I had ordered who again said that he believed his salesman and that he had orderd the correct sink and tap unit.

Later the area manager did accept that the tap unit was wrong and it would be changed. At the same time it was found that the filters were missing from the Cooker Hood, again Moben were contacted who said they would send them direct. The new tap unit arrived the next day but no filters. It is now the 7th July and I am still waiting for the filters.

  Editorial Comments

update on 15 September 2002 - Tim Cutler
"I did get some action the filters were delivered within two weeks, then various people contacted me by phone asking about fitting, but no real action only phone calls.

Then to my surprise on the 10 July 2002 I recieved a letter from L Higginson saying " As the bulk of my queries pertained to the Sales and Financial side of the contract Mr Bill Murray National Sales Director was given a copy of my letter for his personal investgation and action. But obviously he is a very busy man answering all the complaint so no action or comunication yet. Tim Cutler "

update on 2 November 2002

I would like to say that it did take some time to get any action but I was contacted by the Regional Manager Customer Care dept in regards to a payment of £150 as a goodwill gesture.

During futher talks I asked that in leiu of money I would like two more 500mm kitchen wall units. This was agreed and I did receive them last week, So apart from not getting the design and sink unit promised by the salesman, I am relitavely happy.

But I would still say beware of what Moben salesmen say and make sure it is written down.I do not know if my complaint to the web did anything, but I would strongly suggest anybody with complaints put them to clik2complaints.


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