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Moben Kitchens Manchester
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Mr J Holley
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Wish I'd found this site sooner - would have saved me considerable hassle, incovenience, frustration and money.

I ordered a kitchen from Moben in February with a scheduled installation of 2nd-5th April.

The original fitters turned up for only 2 of these days and therefore the installation extended into the next week. Despite pointing out numerous faults / deficiencies in the kitchen whilst they were working, the fitters disappeared without fixing them. I obviously refused to sign the form stating satisfactory completion.

I complained to Moben, whose staff treated me in exactly the same way as the other respondents - and eventually arranged for an inspector to call round.

He duly condemned the kitchen and it was arranged that another fitter would come round to sort all of the problems. He was due on May 7th but didn't show up.

I again complained and it was arranged for him to come the next day. He did arrive and seemed quite proficient and did a creditable job over the next 3 days.

However, the 'high quality' materials that Moben use are incompatible with a quality end product and therefore the end result is less than satisfactory.

A plasterer was supposed to come yesterday (16th May) to complete the plastering but did not turn up.

I have now told Moben that I do not want anymore of their workman coming and instead require a 40% refund to conclude the sorry matter. I am waiting for their response.

Useful information:

Customer Care Director Paul Baines
Customer Care Manager. Leanne Higginson
Fax Number 0161 7864632

Comments / complaints can be E:mailed via the Moben web site and I have actually found this a good way of getting some response from them.

I have also contacted Qualitas and should Moben not resolve the matter, intend to use them for independent arbitration.

  Editorial Comments

update on 29 May 2002:

"....Just a quick note to say what a great site yours is and what a boon for consumers sites like these are, should they have the foresight to look on the web before they buy. I regret that I didn't.

With regard to my case with Moben, they wrote to me just over a week ago offering £150 in lieu of work outstanding and £650 for my inconveninence etc. I have replied that this is insufficient and I want £1,590 - £150 in lieu and £1,440 (20%) - to conclude our dealings.Once the matter is resolved, I will make another post to the site"....J Holley


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