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Moben Kitchens Manchester
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Mr D Pauling
Town/City of Residence:

I was impressed by claims in company brochure and the fact they have been in business for over 20 years. I am extremely disappointed with the level of customer service and poor customer relations endured since delivery.

Quote from company web site under the heading of ‘All Inclusive Service including delivery’:

“Problems do occur, but Moben have the experience and resources to deal with them quickly and efficiently, and to keep disruption to a minimum.”

Having paid for my new kitchen in full on 7 December (delivery), I was expecting installation on 10 and 11 December as notified. I was informed around midday on the day of fitting that they were unable to install the kitchen as agreed, despite having arranged time off work to allow access to the property.

They subsequently cancelled two re-arranged dates. The fourth agreed install days were one week after the agreed date. I eventually persuaded Livingston Sales Manager to take interest in my situation. He arranged installation on 15 and 16 December.

Salesman promised installation would take two days maximum, due to the relative small size of the kitchen. An error in the plan, which surveyor did not pick up, resulted in the drawers being too wide. Replacements were supposedly ordered by the fitter.

A number of other ‘snagging’ items are still outstanding which have prevented my tiler from starting work to improve the kitchen’s appearance. Since the install date I have received only one call from Customer Service department (in early January) who promised they would organise final fitting.

This unsatisfactory situation has caused a great deal of inconvenience and stress to myself and my partner. The following list is not exhaustive, as at the date of this letter:(21 January 2002)

- minimum four days lost at work, to date (senior professional jobs)
- insufficient notification of changes (ref. section 3.0 Customer Agreement)
- poor customer service in general
- unwillingness / inability of staff to find a resolution
- significant time calling, holding and speaking to ‘Customer Care’ line
- severe disruption at home (existing kitchen cleared in anticipation of installation)
- cut-off a number of times whilst on your ‘Customer Care’ line
- passed from one staff member to another, each offering no further assistance
- unable to contact anyone in authority via telephone to discuss resolution
- broken promises in regard to fitting and callbacks (Ann Powell – Area Manager)
- showroom’s indifference to after-sales service
- accused of being ‘silly’ and ‘awkward’ by sales staff (Steve Castle – Livingston)
- resorted to organising contract workmen personally
- kitchen not finished one month after delivery and promised install
- no final review / ‘sign off’ on kitchen by Moben staff

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