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Moben Kitchens
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Mrs S Miller
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Moben kitchens designed a kitchen for us at the sum of £12,500, which we were happy with. We chose all appliances and extras from the brochure, which the salesman wrote down on a contract. At the end of the evening we were asked to Sign the contract , which we did as we thought the salesman had written all of the items we had agreed a price on on the contract. Bearing in mind the contract is only a form with code numbers on which means nothing to me.

When the kitchen was delivered i was asked to pay the full amount by either switch or bankers draft, they won't accept personal cheques!!!! Which i did.

The day came when the fitters arrived, they started to fit the kitchen and then we noticed that the cooker hood canopy wasn't the one we chose, we have been trying to contact moben ever since to get the one we chose from the brochure which we have paid for but moben won't let us have it unless we pay them more money which we are not prepared to do. We were quoted a price for a kitchen which the salesman agreed included the canopy from the brochure.

The canopy we have received is not even in the brochure.we keep getting passed from person to person but when they know who you are they say they have left or have just gone on holiday etc. The kitchen is still not finished but they keep reminding us we have paid for the kitchen so we have to have what we are given as if we don't then they have their money anyway but we hven't got the kitchen we ordered and paid for .

The people we have dealt with so far are:
Ms A Evans
Ms S Galagher
Ms K Faults
and Ms E Palmer.
Everybody agrees that we couldn't have chosen the canopy if it is not shown in the brochure so why don't they give us the one we have chosen and paid for. If there is any mistake it should be down to the salesman not us.

The amount of things they have had sent to us by special delivery that are wrong and they are worried about the difference in the price of the canopy's which is £65.

It is wrong that they should be allowed to take full payment up front as this way we have no bargaining power to get it sorted out.

Please help me i have three children and we have been living in a building site for nearly a month now, i just want to get back to normal asap.
yours sincerely S.Miller.

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update from Mrs Miller on 27 May 2003:
"We received a letter from moben the day after we wrote to them saying they were in breech of contract and they had seven days to give us the goods that we had chosen and paid for , or we would take legal action.

The letter doesn't give any apologies, it just says they have handed our
Letter to a mr paul baines to deal with. It will probably end up in the bin with all the other customer complaints that they have had, they must have very big dustbins!!!! yours sincerely, Sue Miller."


previously submitted Consumer Comments
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Do you know if there are any laws that protect people from the likes of Moben? They delivered and poorly installed a kitchen and are now dragging me through the mud but have not finished fixing all the mistakes the crummy workers made that they sent 2 months ago. They did not do the work they promised in writing to do. I am still living in a construction site. They do not return my calls then act shocked when I tell them off.

I sent a recorded letter both to the bank which I have the loan with as well as Moben (within 28 days of receipt of the goods) to let them know that we were dissatisfied with the goods. Do I have the right to cancel the loan and demand that Moben pick up their crummy kitchen? If not, can I sue them for the mental upset and suffering and inconvenience they have caused me? Surely there must be some help to protect people in this country! Kind regards, C. Stuthridge ...24 June 2003 [Received by Email]
Two years on and my problems with Moben are still not resolved.
I am now taking them to Court. My 6'x8'kitchen had to be fitted twice.I live in a 1 bedroom flat and had no use of it for 5 1/2 months. I tripped in builders' rubble they left and broke mt leg and foot. The kitchen was condemned by a Health & Safety Officer.I also had to pay as much as the price of the Moben Kitchen to professionally qualified tradesnen.

Do not TOUCH Moben!Do NOT buy anything advertised on TV or in Sunday Colour supplements.My real embarrassment is that I am an Interior Designer and this is the first mistake I have made in 20 years.Fortunately the "Moben experience" has been in my own home. Had this happened to a Client I would have been sued out of business.
Lisabeth Fewings ... 3 August 2003
I have just had a narrow escape from a potential nightmare.
I had one of the design guys round last night, who I must say was very good at coming up with ideas and was a very pleasant chap, however when I asked for a breakdown of the price to ascertain how he had arrived at it I was told I could not see it.

Further to this I contacted the design office and was put through to the Regional Manager who proceeded to say that the design/sales guy should have shown me the price book and quite shortly afterwards contradicted this by saying the price books were confidential company information and when I tried to explain my concerns talked over me by quoting unit sizes.

At this point I asked if he was willing to listen to my concerns, to which his reply was "not really". A narrow escape I think.

I have ascertained the MD's name and address and will be in touch shortly, if this is the standard of the management is it any suprise that problems occur further down the line? Neil Thayne .. 9 January 2004

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