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Mrs J Cannon
Town/City of Residence:
Pevensey Bay

I was dissatisfied with the workmanship when my Moben kitchen was installed in spring 2002.For over a year I have made periodic attempts to contact Moben. I am frequently abroad, but have nevertheless made many phone calls, sent six or seven faxes (which they deny receiving), and even sent a recorded delivery letter to the Director, Mr JP Baines.

In return, I have received four letters from the firm (13.5.2002, 28.5.2002, 17.3.2003 and 21.3.2002) and two phone calls (3.9.2002 and 25.3.2003) acknowledging my complaint and promising investigation.

At every contact I have been promised that the Field Installation Manager would phone me to arrange an appointment to view the kitchen.

On 25th March last a Mr Young promised yet again that the Field Installation Manager, Mrs A E, would contact me to arrange to inspect the defects. Despite my calls on 2.4.2003 and 10.4.2003, and their assurance to call me back "maybe" the same day, Moben have STILL not contacted me.

I feel I have been "stonewalled" by the company, who constantly tell me that the persons I wish to speak to have changed departments, or gone on training courses(!), or are away, or have not got my file, etc etc, and all this after holding on line while being transferred from one department to another at my own expense.

As I cannot give over my whole life to this issue, I am soon going abroad for six weeks on business, but will certain pursue this grievance as soon as I return. I wish I had come across this website sooner. Until I read your complaints letters about Moben, I thought I was the only one to suffer from their unbelievable indifference and broken promises. "Customer Care" is just a joke, isn't it? A joke on the customer!!!

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I just want to thank Mrs Cannon & all the other people who have sent their letters via this web site - I have had such a narrow escape thanks to these people. Last night (4.11.03) I had an appointment with the design expert from Moben to design my kitchen - but he didn't turn up!!! I have left a message on their answering machine lodging my complaint at this display of bad manners as I always thought it polite to ring someone if you couldn't keep an appointment.

I expected them to ring me back and perhaps offer an explanation as to what had caused this and had thought that depending on the nature of the reason I possibly might have re-booked. Thank God above that I discovered this web site this morning and read all these letters - I truly have had a very narrow escape - Thankyou so much.
Mrs S D Brooksbank ... 5 November 2003

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