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Mr P Williamson
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I had a Moben Kitchen fitted at the end of January. There were a few defects at the end of it, most of which have been sorted out. However, the runner for one of the pan drawers was faulty. We phoned to request a replacement. After several phone calls and promises nothing had happened.

21 Feb I wrote to Ms CH, customer sevices manager. A couple of days later they phoned back with dates for supply and fitting of the faulty part. Nothing happened.

4 March I wrote again, having given up attempts to contact them by phone, as it was always engaged, busy or I was told someone would call nme back, and they never did. We were told that the part would be delivered within a few days.

23 March. Wrote to Phil Hill (MD). Next day I received a call saying that the part would be here on 28 March. It hasn't appeared.

Clearly they have no interest in honouring their guarantee. The standard of customer service is abysmal, and I still have no replacement part for my kitchen.

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