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Mr J Laycock
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Having paid out this money to Moben and being assured that "Oh, your kitchen will definetley be installed by Christmas", they then didn't. Moben kept changing their installation dates, one of their excuses being that "Oh, our installer's hurt".

Moben simply left the kitchen items throughout my house over Christmas, taking no notice of the fact that people wished to have a social life over Christmas. A date of 13th Jan for installation was finally agreed upon beteen myself and Moben.

On 13th Jan, guess what - No Moben! Upon telephoning them about this they finally came up with the excuse "Oh, it's not in the register", regardless of the fact that they had previously rang me and said "See you on the 13th then".

Another date of 15th Jan was then fixed upon and finally installers did arrive!! My troubles weren't over though. These installers left various jobs unfinished in their haste to get away!

Moben finally (26th Feb) sent a builder to complete some of the jobs ommitted by the installers. There are still several items where Moben and I are in disagreement, besides the fact that it took them so long to fit the kitchen.

Moben appear to file my later letters in the bin as they haven't replied to any letters other than the first.

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A kitchen was fitted at 1X XXXXX Road Oxford for Mrs D.Collier.
order number 593XXX
This is a rental property.
The Kiichen was raced through in a day we did not see it when finished, the fitters got an old lady, the key holder to sign it off she didnt know what she was signing for. They left all of the packing cases dumped in the dinning room, the board at the bottom of the units is unfinished. We cant get a fridge freezer in.

The washin machine door has been drilled to take unit door would you believe . leaving a half inch gap at the top. The sink and draining board are just slapped against the old tiles which the salesman said they would remove.

The units just fitted against the old wall paper, it just needed scrapping off. The salesman said they would box in the new cental heating pipes ang now it is clear ticked the reverse.

My wife has called "Customer Service" "Warranttee"several times" and just fobbed off. They are supposed to ring back, but never do
Doreen Collier ... 20 April 2003
It needs to be more commonly advertised
that Moben and Kitchens Direct are the same company.

I can relate to all that the gentleman has said but my problem is with kd but are exactly the same. S Lee... 26 May 2003
We have made 2 appointments for a quote., at both no sales person has turned up,
no explanation has been given. Could you please find out what is happening. Appointments were made with Ms M at the Dolphin showroom at Drury Lane, Solihull, we also visited the Kitchen showroom a few minutes away.

We feel totally disgusted with the service, if a sales man is unable to turn up, what chance have we got of getting a good service for the installation. Maybe we should forward this to Watchdog.
Ms Khatkar ... 19 August 2003

I have paid almost £8000 for a moben kitchen and have been lied to and ignored after writing and calling them. I am considering legal action against them as I am in the process of having large parts of the kitchen refitted by the company that looks after the warranty. When you contact moben(if you ever get through to anyone) they abdicate all responsibility and insist that you contact the company that looks after their warranties. I would in the strongest terms advise people to stay well clear of Moben. Remember the BBC watchdog programme on Dolphin bathrooms, well moben are the same company!!!! Stay well clear of them!!
David Greenwood .. 3 October 2003
Our kitchen's Direct kitchen is abissmal.
Still not usable after a month of supposed completion . 4o telephone calls later and still no one is intrested . cupboard's are unusable . Extractor unit was specked wrongly no apology or anything .completely dissatisfied .Does any one out there care .
Mrs Karen Oxby ... 4 January 2004

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