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Moben Kitchens
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Mr John Southern
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Moben Kitchens has a good reputation so we chose to purchase a kitchen from this company. Big mistake.

I have paid £5680 for my kitchen, to me this is a lot of money and I expect an excellent service that is finished to a high degree of competency, without the hassle of persistent complaining to have details finished off.

I am a patient man but being told that the, "required materials", are on order, and, "we will call you", or "this is a warranty matter", for 4 months tends chap me a lot.

Complaining only works if there is a system to make sense of the complaint, a system that remembers you have called, a system that does not throw you back and forth between two departments, (Warranties and Installations), the ritual passing of the buck.

It is yet another 'faceless organisation' complaint, where the telephone music never changes and the black hole switchboard service renders your call powerless against its monotonous gravity.
Moben ask for all the money up front even after paying a deposit, I now know why.

Today, (28/09/01) I had a break through, I managed to circumvent the main switchboard and actually get through to the M.D's, (Phil Hill), P.A!

It was over all so quickly,a startled P.A, confronted with something so unusual, " you are a customer!?", dispatched me back to the switchboard post haste.

So near yet so far from the people that are supposed matter within a company, oh well back to listening to Beethoven.

I have just read this bit in red as I written I have been passed back and forth between warranties and installations, I know the names of the heads of each department but have never dealt with them directly.

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  Editorial Comments

The original complaint was submitted on 28 September 2001. We decided to write to Moben Kitchens without publication on 10 October 2001.
On 22 October, I received an email from Mr Southern confirming that Moben Kitchens had contacted him and that the problem looked like it was about to be resolved.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case:
Email received on 9 November 2001:
"I am furious with Moben Kitchens. Having spoke to them a week before I e-mailed you to tell you the good news, nothing has happened.I was assured that a regional rep would be told of my complaint and it would be sorted out ASAP. I was even told I would be considered for some form of compensation.Once again it is me who is phoning them.

I cannot tell a lie, Ms SC, (installations), did try to contact me on one occasion after I had phoned and politely came down upon some poor innocent. However on my messaging service she clearly stated that I would be contacted by herself. I am sick and tired of phoning and not being followed up, despite assurances to the contrary.

I am politely short on the phone and have not resorted to name calling, although sometimes I think it would make me feel better.I am considering having a solicitor writing a letter for me or if you could write another one that would be great because it seemed to get the ball rolling last time. They have clearly not fulfilled their contractual obligations....Yours Seethingly J Southern."

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