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Mr M Bryant
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Mastercare Coverplan - I have been arguing with this company for months after they suspended my cover agreement!

The story is that in December, Mastercare requested two direct debit payments from my bank. I asked for one of the two payments to be refunded through the branch. Soon after this, Mastercare wrote to me to say that I had defaulted on a payment and the agreement was suspended. During this time they continued to collect direct debits!

I contacted them twice and got nowhere. Finally, in February, I posted them bank statements proving I had not defaulted on any payments. I calculated the full amount still owing and sent a cheque, with a letter of complaint, hoping this would sort it! Instead, received another chase letter (12th February). When I phoned Mastercare they maintained they had not received any letter or cheque. The member of staff (Ashley) was especially rude and unhelpful, implying that it was far too trivial for him to look into. He admitted that d-d errors sometimes happen but refused to believe me or reinstate my cover.

Some time later (17th March) the cheque I sent was mysteriously cashed. I have still had no answer to my letter or any confirmation that my cover has been reinstated. Nought out of ten!

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update on 10 April 2003
An email from Dixons states that a response has been sent direct to Mr Bryant. We wait for Mr Bryant's confirmation.

update on 14 April 2003:
Dixons/Mastercare response to Right of Reply letter
(and subsequent exchanges)

Finally, resolved Later on 14 April 2003:
Dear Mr Bryant, Thank you for your email.

Although our system shows an outstanding balance of £8.90 I appreciate that it is not your fault that we have not received the letter from our Direct Debit department. I have contacted my supervisor regarding this and as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused we will arrange for this payment to be reinstated on our system. Your Agreement will then show as being fully paid and we will not require you to send another copy of the bank statement to us.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused and trust this will bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for you.

Kind Regards, Clare D. Dixons Coverplan


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As an employee of the PCServiceCall/Mastercare I hasten to add to these comments, that we deal with thousands of calls, hundreds of engineer bookings for the whole range of dixon group items. Where are the hundreds/thousands of complaints.

You can't please all the people all the time and only please some of the people some of the time. The some of our people is thousands. I work very hard to make every body happy and to give them the service they expect.
Giovanni .. 3 August 2003
I have a 3 year coverplan on my toshiba laptop it has broken down 4 times
and each time they come out it takes 7 days to pick up the machine this time it has been 10 days - mind you toshiba laptops are crap but nevermind I paid the additional 2 years warranty and the mastercare service has been dreadful to say the least, the last time they could not find the road , which was only 2 miles from their pick up place in Kings Lynn. Points for service 0 out of ten Also I would not shop at Dixons again thier staff at their Hardwick estate branch are rude and well need I say anymore.
Andrew John Davies ... 3 September 2003

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