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Ms K Gregory
Town/City of Residence:
West Yorkshire

I returned a mobile phone to Mastrecare for repair in January 2003. The paperwork that I had to fill in stated that if the phone was O2 you had to send the sim card, so I did as I was asked.

Approximately 1 week later i recieved a new phone, but no sim card. I immediately rang Mastercare, and told the lady on the phone what had happened. Her reply was "I am not accusing of lying, but it doesn't say anywhere on the paperwork to return sim cards with the phone unless it is O2 (I think Orange and another network were mentioned aswell).

I told her that my phone was O2 to which she replied "no it isn't it is T Mobile. Unfortunately for Mastercare I had my phone bill infront of me and politely told the lady on the other end of the phone that my phone was most deffinitely O2.

She told me that there was nothing they could do apart from ring O2 order a new sim card then forward the bill to them. So I made yet another phone call, this time to O2, who were very helpful. They ordered a new sim card which I recived approximately 2 days leter (Great I was at last on line).

I forwarded the bill to Mastercare. Yesterday (Thursday 27th March 2003) I received a "Non Payment" Reminder" from O2 for a small amount of £10. I really do not think this is good enough.

Then to top it off today (Friday 28th March 2003), I have received my old sim card back from Mastercare Repairs @ Stoke. I am now at a loss. Are they really that unhelpful. This complaint may not seem like a big issue compaired to some peoples, but it is principle isn't it!!!!!

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update on 8 April 2003
Dixons has responded requesting fruther details from Ms Gregory to follow up her complaint.


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I hope you have better luck with them than we have. Still waiting for a reply from Mastercare Customer Services from a letter sent in late April about a series of correspondence dating back to December 2002. Now thoroughly cheesed off and reading all the complaint pages about Mastercare on this and other sites I am about ready to give up.

My complaint was that I had to take an afternoon off for delivery of a TV. After several calls to Mastercare promising that the TV was being delivered that day, their office closed for the day. Fortunately Currys were still open and tracked our TV down to the Mastercare Warehouse - it had not been put on the truck that day at all. All attempts to get reasonable compensation from Mastercare have failed. The staff at Currys have been brilliant and I would buy over the counter goods from them any day but will not entrust Mastercare to deliver anything in future.
Dougie Lloyd-Baker ... 11 July 2003
I suggest that when your Insurance runs out,
apply to Domestic & General. We are with them for Sky TV and so far have had no problems. When my Mastercare policy is finished, I will be with Domestic & General. My complaint is still going on with Mastercare (when I can get hold of them again). Pam Hibbert ... 6 October 2003
YES they really are that bad and worse.
I was even told I was not me, as they had completely mispelled my name!my video had 4 visits to be repaired as they kept telling me there was no problem.Now they have found one!! my problems go on and on they are the nightmare company! never again!! Jayne Nichol ... 18 November 2003

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