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Mr T Kay
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I bought a camera from Dixons, with a 5 year extended warranty through Mastercare Coverplan. My camera was faulty from purchase, eating batteries very quickly and usually being quite dead every time I went to use it. I followed their procedure and sent it back for repair. It was returned with a blank service report sheet attached and the fault still present.

I called their customer service department and was told to send it back for repair. I said I had done this, and they had not repaired it, and that I was not prepared to go any further on this merry-go-round, I wanted a refund or a new camera.

They refused point blank. I have written to their MD twice but he never replies himself, he just refers it back to the customer service department I am complaining about! So they have my money and I have an unusable camera.

As far as Dixons are concerned I should just continue to send it back time and again to their repairers – and be without the camera all the while.

..... their extended warranties not worth the paper they are written on.

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update on 12 August 2002
A copy of Dixon Group's request for further information has been forwarded to Mr Kay.


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