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Mr & Mrs R Cole
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Milton Keynes

My complaints about the above company are both long in content and time span. Below I have detailed the letters and faxes of correspondence I have sent to Mastercare/Coverplan and these detail all calls and correspondence we have had.

At present I have received a few phone calls from Chris Chashmore (senior clerk at Mastercare) who was supposed to be chasing the complaint along for me). I have not heard from him since mid June when I e-mailed him another copy of all correspondence. I have received nothing in writing and no acknowledgement of my most recent recent FAX.

I hope you are able to help as we feel that we purchased our coverplan in good faith and so far they have done little to uphold the terms and conditions. We also feel that it is rude and unprofessional not to respond quickly and sympathetly to customers who have a complaint.

Please find below the correspondence we have sent:

Letter 1: 27 May 2002

Lettet 2: 6 June 2002

Letter3: 7 July 2002

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