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Mr A Huckle
Town/City of Residence:
Canvey Island

Repair Reference:XXXXXXX
Job Number: XXXXXX

Dear Sir

I now wish to make a formal complaint.

My pioneer PDR W839 refused to read cds I took my unit to Currys at Basildon who then sent it to Chelmsford repair centre for repair. I collected the unit on a saturday played 3 cds and the unit again showed the same fault refused to read cds so I returned the unit on the sunday and had it returned to the repair centre who informed me that they could not find a fault.

I collected the unit on the wednesday and the same evening the unit again refused to read cds. After several attempts it worked but jumped tracks and refused to work.
On the engineers report copy enclosed it clearly states that 'unable to get apart' but on the bottom engineers report they have fitted a new laser so please explain how they can fit a part they can not get or dismantal and charge me for the work.

Also the unit has now got a fault that was not there before it went in for repair.
The manual record level adjustment for outside unit recording which doubles up as a track skip on play for the multi changer now does not work which was ok before your engineers got hold of it.

I now demand a full refund and compensation for time and cost wasted on this poor service.


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I work at Mastercare (PCServicecall). It is unfortunate that you have found problems with your pc, if we say we did not find a fault this means that its a SOFTWARE problem, meaning your settinsg or configurations was wrong and that you wouldnt need an engineer, you would also of been given a software number. Cos this is a premium rate line you may iof Decided, Naa, i wont may that price.

And continued with your complaint on the hardware line. You will notice that we are a reasonable company and try our best to help. you will also find we decided to send you en engineer to keep you happy, yet you still complain because our service engineers find no fault.

Maybe you should look a little deeper and realise that this Is SOFTWARE and you need to REMASTER or sell you pc. Steve..23 March 2003
Heaven help anyone who has Steve as their service technician.
A Pioneer PDR W839 is CD Recorder/Multi CD Changer. Fred Weil ... 1 January 2004

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