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Mr Alfonso Baldanza
Town/City of Residence:

I purchased a Advent Laptop from Currys in November 2000. In March 2001 the top casing was cracked on the right hand hinge and spread across the cover. I contacted currys who informed me to contact Mastercare which I did, I returned the laptop on their instruction. This was returned to me with a new cover replacement.

In June 2001, the laptop again had to be returned because it had cracked in exactly the same place. Mastercare did state at the time that this problem was a common feature of an Advent 5480 DVD. Again a few weeks later the laptop was returned to me but on receipt the new casing was cracked in the same place. The laptop was immediately returned to Mastercare. Early July 2001 the laptop was returned from Mastercare with yet another new casing that made three casing had been on this laptop.

The laptop cost £1799. I did not take out extended warranty on the product.
I have yet again got the repetitive problem. A crack has developed in exactly the same place. I initially went to the store (Currys)- 03/02/02. I was directed to contact mastercare. I have today called them and spoke to a Richard Currier on 08709013000.

I was told that the laptop is no longer under warranty. And that the repair was only guaranteed for 90 days (which I was not aware of). They have therefore refused to correct this on going problem and suggested that I pay for any repair.
My understanding is that the casing they replaced should be guaranteed for a year. And considering that this is apparently an ongoing problem they should put right or refund in full. Please can you investigate or can you tell me who I can contact if you cannot help.

Many thanks
Alfonso Baldanza.

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