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Littlewoods Liverpool
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Mr S Cuff
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I took delivery on 16-05-03 of a Sony Vaio home PC (Cat ref. PR097). After spending the weekend installing my software and configuring it I have discovered it does not entirely match the specification as advertised.

Littlewoods advert on the Internet (now removed) states ‘featuring DVD-RW to give you the power to create your own movies!”.

The PC I have received only features a DVD drive capable of reading and playing DVD discs. It is not able to write or re-write as advertised. The drive installed is a Toshiba SD-R1202. Which I have checked on the Internet and it is only capable of CDR, CDRW and DVD playback.

Here is a progress (lack of) log of my attempts to get the matter resolved. I now feel it is time for me to start a legal remedy.

Friday 16th May 2003 9.45am PC Delivered

Monday 19th May 2003 (after 5pm) Telephoned Littlewoods Index to report discrepancy in DVD.

Monday 19th May 2003 6.20pm Faxed letter to Littlewoods restating complaint

Tuesday 20th May 2003 5.10pm Re-Faxed letter to Littlewoods restating complaint

Wednesday 21st May 2003 5pm Telephoned Littlewoods for a progress report. Enquiry passed to head office. They to contact me soon.

Wednesday 21st May 2003 5.22pm Message left on voicemail from Gail at Littlewoods Index stating that she had spoken to After Sales and I should phone Sony Tel. 08705 424424.

Thursday 22nd 9.10am Phoned Sony. Wrong number provided by Littlewoods (that number is for pre-sales). Should be 08702 402408. Sony confirm PC does not have DVDRW capability

Thursday 22nd 6pm Phoned Littlewoods. After Sales to call me back that evening. Nobody phoned.

Friday 23rd May 9.40am Phoned Littlewoods again to chase progress. Passed through three departments explaining all of above each time. After Sales didn’t appear to know of my complaint or the problem with the PC. Would phone back on works number. No one called.

Friday 23rd May 2003. 5.20pm After Sales didn’t want to speak to me. Spoke to Customer Services person on main number. After Sales are checking the specifications with Sony and ‘it will take a little time to sort out’. Basically no progress and nothing has been done.

Tuesday 27th May 2003 12pm Noon No reply from Littlewoods. Faxed third letter to after sales.

Friday 30th May 2003. 10.38am No reply from Littlewoods. Fourth letter faxed to after sales.

Sunday 1st June 2003 10.22am Received email from Littlewoods. Please ‘bear’ with us as we gather necessary information.

Tuesday 3rd June 2003 3.00pm Some sales person from Littlewoods called me at work to see ‘if everything was OK’ and would I like to buy some extended warranty. Explained situation, didn’t know anything about, apologised, nothing to do with him, just on commission to sell over priced warranties – End of call.

Friday 28th June 2003 4.00 pm Telephoned again enquiring to progress of complaint. Nothing done ‘buyer still looking in to it’ Explained I got the same message three weeks ago. ‘Will pass message on again to buyer’

Friday 4th July 2003 4.25 pm
Telephoned again enquiring to progress of complaint. Nothing done ‘buyer still looking in to it’ Explained I got the same message three weeks ago. ‘Will pass message on again to buyer’. Asked to speak to after sales or buyer – Not available. Asked to speak to a supervisor who assured me he would take my complaint seriously and respond.

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I ordered a cooker(hotpoint order KX033L) on the 22nd september and was told it would be delivered in 10 days and that somebody would contact me the day before delivery and then i phoned on monday and was told to wait until wednesday and once again they would call me one day before, today i called again and they told me; 'wait until friday' i spent 1hour 15minutes on the phone.

I asked to speak to the manager and i was refused, the girl was rude and gave no answers on why i have not recieved my cooker. I have waited for a long period of time and it is delaying the installation of my new kitchen, and we have a wedding on the way and it is DELAYING EVERYTHING. OUR REFERENCE NUMBER IS : B16xxxxx SURINDER KUMAR ... 8 October 2003

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