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Mr F Shooshtarian
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On Wednesday 5th September 2002 I purchased a "lawn mower" from the Index store in Luton for £59.

My wife and I tried to assemble the equipment from the instruction provided but since the manufacturer's instruction were not clear to us we could the top handle didnot fit in.

I took the back the lawn mower on the next day to the shop and explained the difficulty with the handle and asked if they could refund my money. The manager was called but he refused to refund my money back and said that the equipment have been used. I explained that since it was a sunny day and after all it is a lawn mower we assembled it in our garden and as the result it may have some grass on it.

But he just was not interested to listen to anything that I have to say and treated me and my wife who is six months pregnant with outmost rudeness. I pointed out to him that I don't see any point in dragging the argument and I remain to be unhappy with service that he has provided but he remained totally unreasonable and abusive.

My wife and I took our lawn mower and returned home without one word of apology from themanager for the inconvienience that has been caused to me and my wife.

I intend to write formally to complaint about the behaviour of this man but I thought it is important that this should be also brought up in public domain. Does being a store manager gives power and authority to the postholder to be rude to the customer?

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  Editorial Comments

Contact from Littlewoods on 18 September 2002
It has to be said that clik2complaints' experience with Littlewoods' handling/response to consumer complaints has been very good. Quite a few companies out there could borrow a leaf from Littlewoods.

Mr Shooshtarian has been notified of this initial contact from Littlewoods.

We will keep you posted on the company's handling of this matter. They have promised to get back to us.
Further update on 19 September 2002:
Littlewoods have offered a gesture of goodwill-
Click here for details

Comments from Customer- Mr Shooshtarian

"Dear Sir/Madam,
Many thanks for how quickly and efficiently you dealt with this matter.
Action such as this restore faith in consumer. Whilst the object is not to
take revenge in anger over words have been said but it is to educate and
make awarness of how situations such as these could be handled differently.
One of the essential skills for a manager is to be able to handle people
even though they may not quite conform to his expectation of how people
should respond and on this occassion the gentleman in question from index
did leave me with no shadow of doubts that he did not possess the necessary skills. Yours sincerely, Mr F Shooshtarian"
update on 24 September 2002:
"Dear Jon, Thanks for your message. Mr Shooshtarian will receive a letter and the vouchers in the next few days. Regards, SD for Littlewoods"


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