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Ms S Mapolisa
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On the 25th of March 2002, i bought a television and vcr set from the above mentioned retailer. i expected my goods to be delivered to my house on the 27th before the easter break, i called the store on the 27 to find out about my delivery and they assured me that it was on its way. it did not arrive, on the 28th the store was open so i went in to find out the delay only to be told that the only other possible day would be the Tuesday after the bank holiday break.

On the Tuesday i called to find out about the delivery and was told it had been delivered and left with a neighbour witin my block of flats on the previous Saturday. i got the details of the neighbour went to find out if the neighbour did receive the goods, the neighbour adamantly refuses any knowledge of this delivery.

I called the store on the outcome, then i was dealing with the sales manager a lady called Ms H M(name suuplied). she kept telling me that they were investigating and they would get back to me, during all this i was the one who had to call the store to findout the latest feedback, after a week of no joy at all i was refered to the store manager Mr BL (Name supplied) who went on to assure me that they were still investigating the whereabouts of my goods.

I made several calls and visits to the store and the response was always the same of indifference and annoyance. At one visit i asked mr leggert to give me their main customer services number for me to lodge my complaint, and the number i was given was for their catalogues section and i was refered back to the store which was being very insolent and unsympathetic and were treating me as if i was at fault when it was their negligence and incompetence that brought about all this.

After several visits and calls the response was still negative, only after the intervention of my boyfriend did mr leggert contact the guy whom he said was dealing with the security issue. on the 11th of may i called mr BL(Name supplied) only to be told i should now deal with a Mr RP(Name supplied) who is their security manager and was looking into my issue for the past month. he gave me Mr P's (Name supplied) mobile number, i got in touch with him only to tell me that Littlewoods had done their part in deliverying the goods and they had proof of delivery to support this and it was now up to me report the neighbour in question to the police for theft of goods.

At first i tried to understand why it was my responsibility to go to the police when the goods had not been stolen in my care, he arrogantly informed me it was the only resolve i was going to get from Littlewoods. i then asked him to mail me the proof of delivery they had for me to take to the police, which he said he would within the week. i called him several times to remind him of this and he assured me their office was sitting on it. After a week of futile waiting i called back the branch to speak to Mr BL (Name supplied) in the hope that he could push his colleague Mr P (Name supplied) to urgently mail the proof of delivery, he blatantly told me that he was no longer dealing with my case, and i was wasting his time in calling the store.

i called Mr P (name supplied)again on the 23rd of may only to tell me he had not sent the papers in question because apparently he is the one who is supposed to lodge a report with the police.

My complaint has not been fairly dealt with at all, it is coming to 2 months since i made this purchase which i fully paid for. For one i did not advise the store to leave my goods with any neighbour since i am new in the building. The managers in the store have not empathised with me at all instead i have come out as the villain and the costs of what was a simple purchase have been enromous.

i am still struggling to find out were i can get this resolved and feel i do not have any protection rights as a consumer as it has been one brick wall after another with the store.

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  Editorial Comments

My comments on
Right of Reply received 5 June 2002:

The Response from Littlewoods suggests that they still insist Ms Mapolina report the theft to the police. But why so, if as she implies.
1. She didn't request delivery to a neighbour and
2. The alleged theft didn't take place whilst the goods were in her care. There is also no mention of whether the proof of delivery has been mailed to Ms Mapolina as she requested.

We have written to request Ms mapolina's comments on Littlewoods Right of Reply. We invite all your comments too.

Finally a result on 10 June 2002

would love to thank you for assistance in my issue with Littlewoods stores. I believe that your contact on my behalf to Littlewoods had some impact as on the 30th of May i had a meeting with the security manager at Littlewoods Mr Paddington and he did mention that their head office had spoken to him of the email sent to them of my complaint, after winding explanations on why it took so long for them to resolve my issue they finally agreed to refund me back my money which i can only say i gladly accepted.

Thanking you again for being a voice for some consumers like us.
yours faithfully, S Mapolisa(miss)

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