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KJC Mobile Phones

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Mrs C Turnham
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Got 2 mobile phones under 1 year contract - one functions great (my husbands), the Nokia 8310 has not worked properly since 25/06/02.

I returned the faulty phone to KJC on about 18 July and asked for a new phone - the signal drops most times I try and make calls, clock loses time continuosly (lost 18 hours one weekend + other faults. Tom told me that I couldn't have a new phone - that KJC's policy was that the phone had to be returned 3 times before a new phone could be supplied.

2 new SIM cards and 4 returns later (each taking 2-4 weeks) KJC are still quibbling over giving me a new phone - they are going to ring me in the next few days to advise but in the meantime, my phone is still faulty!!!

It is now November and I am paying line rental for a phone that does not function properly - I have a mobile for safety reasons and it does not function adequately for me to rely upon. For 1/3 of my contract, I have had to "hire" a brick from KJC for £30 to enable me to use a phone and my nice new Nokia 8310 has had the same faults since 25 June 2002 despite alleged repair.

I am at my wit's end....KJC say it's nothing to do with them - it's Nokia's. I rang Nokia & they told me that I was LUCKY (????) that they repaired it free for me!!!!
And Vodaphone who I pay the bills too say it's nothing to do with them either!!!

I just want a decent phone that works and someone to take the time I get this resolved (if I do), my phone contract will be nearly finished.

Please, please, help....I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall!!!

KJC told me last week that they will not repair nor give me a new phone as Nokia has refused to refund KJC for the handset. They have told me that I have to use my faulty handset (which now sometimes doesn't even switch on and cuts out during calls) Carol

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update on 30 November 2002

Carol Turnham: " Thanks so much.......KJC sent me a letter to say that as a gesture of goodwill, they would give me a replacement Nokia 8310. I asked if I could have a Samsung A300 & they said yes so I am now the proud owner of a Samsung phone and it has worked properly for 2 days!! Thanks to you and your website, I could never have done it without you!"

Editor: Thanks for the update and 'thank you' KJC Mobile


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