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The Kilt Hire Company Edingburgh
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Mrs T Hankin 
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Original complaint letter pasted below. The service required was suit hire for my wedding. No reponse to letter sent on 1 October. We are wanting a refund of the hire of the trews and some compensation for the extreme inconvenience caused to me, my husband and several members of both families.

"Dear Sir

I am writing in regard to the extremely poor service which my husband and I received from the Kilt Hire Co during our wedding on 31 August 2002. There were so many parts of the service provided which were most unsatisfactory that there is a need to list them below:

Four of the suits on the order were marked on invoices etc that they were to be picked up on the morning of 29 August, this being the Thursday before the wedding. I telephoned the shop on the morning and was reassured that all items were ready to be picked up. When my father arrived to pick them up having driven from Lancashire, he was most annoyed to be told that the items actually hadn’t arrived at the shop and that someone had ‘forgotten’ to make the delivery and as a result they would not be available for pick up until 6pm on the same day. Upon finally arriving the items were marked ‘29/08 - 10am pick up’. Not only did someone lie to me by informing me that they were being delivered, but my father was forced to wait in Edinburgh for several hours when he should have been in St Andrews where the wedding was being held, assisting with other arrangements.

The shoes for four of the orders were in extremely bad state and most unsuitable for a wedding party. My father in law who was picking up the rest of the suits was told that ‘they would do’ by the staff serving him. The response was that they most definitely would not do and as a result shoes were couriered to St Andrews on the night before the wedding making the male members of the wedding party concerned about their arrival at a time when there is enough to worry about. My father in law was informed by the staff in the shop that they had noticed that the shoes were a little dirty the previous day but that they had done nothing about it.

My father in law was further informed that the shoes had been out for a wedding the weekend before but had not been cleaned since. When paying over £800 for suit hire for a wedding, you do not expect to be receiving dirty garments which have not been washed or cleaned.

The suit which was ordered for the page boy (who is aged 4) was more suitable for a boy aged 10. As a result he could not wear the Kilt Hire suit jacket and we had to hire another jacket from a St Andrews hire shop which cost a further £20. We also had to buy braces to stop the trousers from falling down at a further cost of £10.

As my wedding gift to my husband I purchased him the tartan trews which he wore on the day. To keep it a surprise the shop were advised to continue with the hire of his outfit as he had arranged, but to provide a refund for the price of hiring the trews which of course on the day he didn’t have. The refund for the trews was never provided and as a result we have ended up buying and hiring the same pair of trews for the event. I want a refund of this amount immediately.

The trews which I bought for my husband were ordered and the deposit paid on 1 May 2002. The item was only ready for collection on 29 August. With so much else to organise for the wedding, I was hoping that ordering the trews so early would mean that the matter was dealt with and I would not need to worry about the matter nearer the time. However I was having to make weekly telephone calls to the shop to see what stage the order was at, and was constantly told that the matter was being dealt with. For the trews to be ready for pick up on 29 August, just under four months after the order and only two days before the event, I find it hard to believe that the order was ever being dealt with at all until mid August.

The Kilt Hire Company must deal with weddings on a weekly basis at least. It was unacceptable that the service provided by your Haymarket branch should be so amazingly poor and that the arrangements made with the shop were ignored. My husband and I were incredibly lucky for everything else to go to plan for the wedding. Had we been relying on individuals as incompetent as the people in your Haymarket shop it might have been a very different story.

I would like an explanation of why the service was so horrendous and would also like a refund for the hire of the trews immediately by return. I can reassure you that we will never be using the Kilt Hire Co again and will be advising colleagues of ours to do the same. We are also considering voicing our disgust with the service provided in various wedding media so that other happy couples are saved from the frustration that you have caused on the most important day of our lives.

Yours sincerely

Tina Hankin
(previously Hodgson)
Wife of Alistair Hankin.

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