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Inkbits Computer Products
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Mr T Bingham
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Inkbits are an online supplier of printer cartridges,toners,typewriter ribbons etc. I ordered typewriter ribbon cartridges from them on 5/7/02. This is a summary of the events:-

On 5 july I placed an order via their website and electronic payment made online via Worldpay and I was issued with Inkbits online receipt. After 2 weeks the goods had not arrived and I attempted to contact them via the e-mail address shown ( I also used the other e-mail addresses shown on their site. No reply was received so I next tried the phone and fax numbers shown. These both were unobtainable.

I contacted Worldpay in an attempt to get contact details and the e-mail address they have on file for Inkbits does not exist.

Several days later I saw that they had details of a new branch in East Sussex with a telephone number. On calling this I was told that it was a different section but they would pass on my details and someone would call me back. No one did.

Contacted them again and spoke to a young lady called Sam who told me they were in the middle of changing their suppliers and to bear with them and I would be contacted within 2 weeks. No one did!

Contacted them again on this number (01323-XXXXXX) on 10 august and was told that someone would definitely contact me on 12 august. No one did!

I have been in contact with Trading Standards who informed me that Inkbits are in breach of "The Distance Selling Regulations 2000" on several counts. They have advised me to send a recorded delivery letter requesting a full refund within 30 days. If this has no results to contact TS again.

I also received a reply from Worldpay, who processed my online payment, who have contacted Inkbits on my behalf and instructed them to supply the goods or a refund within 5 days. I have now waited the 5 days that Worldpay allowed them and still no goods or contact from them.As at 22 august this is the situation.

Maybe you can get a response and an explanation from them?

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A Right of Reply email has been issued to Inkbits notifying them of this Posting and requesting a response. Have you had any experiences with this company? Please let us hear about them.

update on 9 September 2002

"Today, I phoned Inkbits again and spoke to Sam (Greg was not available) and was once again told they were still waiting for the goods from their supplier. I asked for a refund again and quoted that I had contacted this site and that you had issued a "right of reply" to them. Within an hour I received an e-mail from Worldpay showing that my card had been credited with the long awaited refund.

It looks as though the mention of Clik2complaints site finally got the desired response from them.

Thanks again for your help and for a great service! Tony Bingham."


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YES! Just found your site on google and have had the same problem as this guy has outlined. Basically ordered a drum for a Sharp photocopier which did not arrive. Noticed that my Goldfish card has been charged straight away and obviously expected the goods. The site also claimed the item to be 'in stock'

Initially began to e-mail Inkbits but received no reply. I then phoned up and was told that suppliers had been changed, would go out this week and so on.

Currently in the process of disputing transaction with Goldfish. I have also asked them to investigate this company policy of charging customer's card when clearly they do not have the goods, as this is totally illegal. I think the police should be involved. It's amazing how companies like this can operate, yet nothing is done.
PATRICK REYNOLDS... 14 October 2002

update on 30 October 2002

Just an update for you. Goldfish got back to me promptly to advise that the transaction had been returned to the merchant's bank. I also notice that the Inkbits website has been offline for some time so it would appear..... I don't think anyone will miss Inkbits anyway.
Patrick Reynold

This information may be of interest to Patrick and anyone else who has problems with Inkbits. This is what I have just found on the Companies House website.
Name & Registered Office :
Status :Proposal to Strike off
Company No. :04230951
Date of Incorporation : 08/06/2001

Country of Origin : United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature Of Business (SIC(92)):
None registered

Accounting Reference Date : 30/06
Last Accounts Made Up To :
Next Accounts Due : 08/04/2003
Last Return Made Up To :
Next Return Due : 06/07/2002 OVERDUE

Tony Bingham...21 October 2002
Grrr, I thought it was just me,
I to made an order for fax ink paper, all worldpay stuff went through, then nothing, phoned inkbits, said, been delayed, will ship, now down, no one answers!..Contacted worldpay, nothing.!!
John.. 27 October 2002
On the basis of their behaviour,
I would advise everyone to find alternative suppliers for these products. Their attitude is entirely reprehensible. Ian Antril...3 January 2003

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