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Ebuyer (UK) Ltd

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Mr A Hurdwell
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Dear Whom it may Concern,

I am writng to express my disgust at the level of service I have received from yourselves. Initially I ordered approximately £200's worth of components from yourselves but I had to cancel this order and re-order with other parts, even though your website said it was available.

Having sent the second order we finally received the order and all the components were present and correct except for the motherboard which was missing all IDE cables and manual and sticker attachment for the front of the case. After building the system I went to boot it and there was no VGA output, so after testing the system it was deduced that the motherboard was faulty, this was promptly returned to yourselves at a cost of £6.65. This practice is however illegal according to the distance selling act of 2000.

The motherboard was finally received back 5 weeks later!
It was only then I found out that the processor was faulty as well!! So instead of waiting the time for you to check the processor I went out and bought myself one from a local computer hardware store (which by the way worked first time!) To fund the cost of the new processor I returned the processor to you at a cost of £1.57

Having waited ages for you to accept the parcel u finally told me that the processor was faulty but the damage was not covered under warranty. You claim it has a damaged core when I know perfectly well that it was not in that condition when I returned it and it would have been virtually impossible for it to have get damaged in the post due to the amount of packaging used! Then you still have the cheek to return a faulty part to me at a cost of £5.87!! which again is illegal as I have not authorized the transaction!.

I would now like a total refund for the processor and all credit card details on the account removing from your system.

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- Customer support section of my mastercard
- Sheffield Trading Standards Office
- Yourselves
- BBC Watchdog Programme
- Ebuyer
- Daily Mail
- PC Plus Magazine

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I have just read this complaint and I have just had exactly the same thing happen to me - motherboard returned faulty, replaced - still did not boot - returned processor and then a claim of core damage not covered by warranty - is this a pattern? I intend to take out a small claims action agains them
Simon Crowhurst ... 16 November 2003

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