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Ebuyer (UK) Ltd
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Mr M Kelly
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I have bought several items on-line from them over the last 6 months and though I have found that on ordering goods they are usually reasonably good I have been apalled by their service, or apparent lack of one, when it comes to returning goods:

I returned a defective Artec CD-Writer to them, RMA number: EXC49460 (for which I also had to pay the return postage of over £4.00) back in september and they received it on 23/09/02. This drive was faulty when I received it so I did not see it becoming a huge issue for them to simply replace it. I even stated to them in the details of the drives problem that if they could not send me a replacement then that I wanted a full refund.

The returned drive was not even looked at for over 2 weeks and the last message I received back on 09/10/02 stated that the drive had been "sent back to the manufacturer for repair/replacement" and this could take UP TO another 28 days. I still have not received a replacement drive over 5 weeks and counting later. I have received no news at all from them about this matter in those 5 weeks in-spite of several attempts to contact them.

This company does not accept any return e-mails and instead they use an in-house 'e-note' system that customers are supposed to use for their enquiries. The huge problem here is that these enquiries are seldom, if ever, replied to.

To date I have only received ONE response to any of the notes I have raised with them and that just made the rather poor excuse of 'we're busy' to explain the delays and did nothing to offer any help on when the matter would be resolved.

I have also left 'open notes' for over 2 weeks which were never processed at all and now they only allow ONE open note at a time which is ridiculous if you have more than one enquiry, which I currently have!!

I have also posted a letter to them but received no response from that either.
The last 'e-note' I sent has still not been replied to and it is now several days since its posting.

On their site they state (or used to) that e-notes will be processed within 24 hours, and returns dealt with within 14 days. In both cases they have not come even close to honouring these statements.

If I were cynical I might think that this was very deliberate when you discover that the only other ways for a customer to contact them are through normal mail (which I have tried and my letter has also been ignored), and a premium rate 0870 phone number which is charged at approx 6.7p per minute and has a minimum waiting time of up to 40 minutes! That is a minimum charge of over £2.40 just to speak to someone there, all of which they are of course making money from and does not guarantee a resolution to the problem either.

My dissatisfaction with this trader has been compounded by the fact that I have just discovered that in my last order which I received last Tuesday 05/11/02 they have shipped me an inferior and cheaper graphics card to the one that I ordered (about £10 cheaper) though I have been billed and paid for the more expensive card.

I have raised a returns request with them for this item (2 days ago) but on the evidence of the continuing delay on my last return I am not hopeful that they will resolve this one in anything like a timely manner either, as instead of simply approving the return I have just this afternoon received a message stating that my request has been sent to their management team for 'Special Approval'.

As it is they tell me I have to wait another 48 hours before I can expect to hear anymore about this. On past evidence I am not holding my breath that ebuyer will honour this statement.

I also paid extra for next day delivery on the package that this card came with so now that money has been wasted as well, just as more will be in having to post the item back to them!!

Though my computer is functional without the CD-Writer this is still an incovenience that they have forced me to endure for nearly 2 Months now, 5 when I count the fact that the drive was faulty on delivery!! And I definitely do need a Graphics Card to use my PC so if they force another ridiculous delay with this new return I will not even be able to raise an 'e-note' to complain about it!

Another factor here is that since I never had a fully functional drive to begin with I effectively have never received the goods that were paid for over 5 months ago, yet if they simply replace the drive with an identical model then I am being penalised for their mistakes by having paid the same amount now for a drive that is no longer worth the original amount! Surely I am now entitled to either a full refund or at least the offer of a drive that is of equal or better value.

I would also like to know where I stand in regards to having to pay for the return of goods that should have been correct in the first place, especially since all this has caused me considerable inconvenience, and if anything they should be seeking to compensate me for that inconvenience with some gesture of 'good will' not be looking to make me pay out even more to have it resolved.

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  Editorial Comments

update on 20 November 2002
"Since I posted this complaint ebuyer have addressed both problems and taken appropriate steps to remedy them. They are replacing the CD-Writer with a different model and have authorised the return & replacement of the mis-shipped graphics card. They have apologised for the inconvenience caused and they have also agreed to pay for the Postage on the return of the graphics card.

These promises will only be confirmed once I actually receive the replacements, but at the moment I believe they are being sincere in rectifying the mistakes they have made in these matters. Had they been as willing to do so had I not complained so vehemently is open to debate but I am pleased that in this case they have done the right thing in the end.

Kind regards and thanks for your help. Mark"
Mr. M. Kelly..20 November 2002

Update on 9 December 2002
"Well, I spoke to soon!!
Not only have they failed to pay for the postage on the return of the graphics card but they have gone and sent me ANOTHER wrong item!! this time it is a gamepad and again it is an inferior and cheaper model to the one I paid for (how often does this happen, I wonder?).
As this is part of a package intended for xmas I dont have time to arrange for a replacement which experience has shown me will take about 2 weeks to sort out and Im not keen on paying out yet more on postage that wont be honoured by them.
I am just amazed that this could happen again so soon after the last cock-up from them!! what a way to run to run a busines"
Mr M Kelly...9 December 2002


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