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Ebuyer (UK) Ltd

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Mr T Lloyd
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I have been having problems very similar to other people with ebuyer. It has come down to a complete lack of communication with the company. Enotes as the call them may as well not exists as they are not answered in any where near the time they indicate on the website.

To be honest I don´t know how long it takes them to be answerd as I have as yet not received a reply to an enote. Also to phone in for half and hour only to get to the front of the queue to be cut off.

These are not attributes that I would expect from any company. Talk about after sales service, what ever. As you can ead below they are the two notes that I sent to Ebuyer and one automated reply I got from them. These notes explain the problems that I have encountered.

As an update the hard drive is still sitting at the delivery depo. Having rung them, they will not deliver to my new address with out comfirmation from e-buyer. As i can not get through to e-buyer, well you can see the problem.

Mon 30th September 2002 06:51:pm Thomas Lloyd EXC25XXX


I was just wondering about my return. I sent the package and your system says they you have recieved 1 package on the 20th of september. I was wondering if you could confirm this and send me an e-mail to that effect. Also i would like to know if possible when it might be tested/replaced and what will happen about the return address that i have included, but have included in this e-mail again if it gets lost.

Thomas Lloyd

It would be good to hear from you soon

Thomas Lloyd
Ticket No : 19XXX Status : closed Assigned to : Justin


Tue 8th October 2002 01:59:pm Ebuyer (UK)

(Invoice:10XXX Product:19256) This item was tested and found to be faulty. A replacement item will be sent to you when this RMA is closed - please check your orders for more details.

Fri 18th October 2002 06:58:pm Thomas Lloyd Problems (implies more than 1)

I have already written an enote to you to authorise a new shipping address, and to check on the RMA for the returned hard drive that you have tried replaced for me.

This note was given to you before the despatch date, and has still not been answered. I have had to close this enotes as your system will not allow me to publish more than one note before someone gets off their arse and decides to process the note.

The note has been ignored for 18 days now. I have also tried to ring into your customer support for 30 mins only to be cut off before i could talk to anyone on the phone. Please can you give me some sort of explaination to this.

Having been supplied with a faulty products, bad support, shipping to the incorrect address and increase of the cost of the product by at least £30. I will not be using your website again. I am willing to pay over the odds to use a local shop and also to strongly advise people to do the same after the fiasco that i have had to endure in getting any service, which you seem to make an up hill struggle for customers who are not happy or have problems with your products.

I would like you to contact the courier and authorise a new address for my hard drive to be delivered to. The address that i had specified three times before was

Thomas Lloyd

My contact Tel number is 07XXXXXXXXX

The return address was specified with the attached note, on the package and in a e-mail sent to you. I find the way in which the matter so far has been delt with is unacceptable. I hope that you can rectify my faith in e-buyers customer services by dealing with this as soon as possible.

Thomas Lloyd
Ticket No : 26XXX Status : open Assigned to : Justin

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I thought that ebuyer was a good company, I have built a few systems from them and although I did get a few faulty parts everything was in the end sorted out. However they must have had on hell of a Christmas party this year!!!! I order a printer, cables and cartridge on Dec 23rd. Payment was taken immediately but I was not to expect anything until 6th Jan. On the 5th Jan I recieved an enote telling me that the cartridge was out of stock and what did I want to do, I tried ringing them but couldn't and still can't get anything other than an engaged tone, no matter what phone I try ringing off. I sent them an enote asking them to take off the cartridge from the order and ship everything else as I needed the printer urgently, this they said they would do. On the 8th Jan I recieved a small box with my USB & PS2 extension cables - but no bloody printer. I thought I'd give it a day or two before I would again copntact them via enotes, I did this on Mon 12th Jan, but have still had no response. I am not very satisfied at all.

Like I said I was previously satisfied with ebuyer with their cheap prices I was slightly prepared to put up with a less than perfect customers services department but I think that this is the last straw, I would not recommended them to anyone. Boo to ebuyer!!!! James Skipper ...14 January 2004

I have had exactly the same problem
with a faulty item. I waited 4 weeks and in the end, I percevered and waited nearly 2 hours on the C/S phone and in the end after telling them what I thought they sent me a replacement the next day. I got no apology from them.
Nick... 20 November 2002

I had parts delivered, including a new processor. After building the system, I find that the processor is not what it was supposed to be; I bought an Athlon XP2100+. Windows System Info and Norton both tell me I have an Athlon XP1500+. I downloaded a utility from AMD to read the CPU and this confirmed I have the wrong processor.

Ebuyer insist I return the processor before they dispatch the replacement. I have pointed out to them that, if I do this, I will no longer be able to communicate with them. Their response was to tell me to use a friend's machine or go to a public library! Not good enough.

I will probably buy the correct processor somewhere else and pursue ebuyer for a refund, plus expenses. Kelvin Davies..3 December 2002
I returned my broken motherboard and memory chip to ebuyer in Oct 2002.
I am still awaiting its return/replacement. Luckily (?), Ive had enotes explaining, that yes, the items are broke and yes, the items will be returned in 28 days. Im still waiting and have contacted Trading Standards to see where I stand with this company. After visiting Ebuyerdotcon site, I dont think Im going to have much joy from this company.
Joss Cash....8 January 2003
I would like to know what Mr Kelvin Davies expects.
Surely he doesn't think that any company no matter who they are will send him a new processor before receiving the wrongly sent inferior processor, may i ask Mr Davies where is your old system or processor surely you could use that to converse with them also each processor should have a code on it to be able to identify it are you sure you dont have the front side bus set 100 instead of 133 this would cause the processor to run as a 1500 ie 1.333 clock speed Mr Veitch...28 March 2003
I have also run into this problem with them over faulty goods but my advice is to buy all goods with mastercard as the deal
er has to collect within 30 days or the faulty goods are yours to dispose what ever you way you see fit. And within 60 days you will receive a full refund from the card issuer. The good thing about this is you will get a receipt from the courier and you send a copy of this to the card issuer as proof of return,its like everything else in life you only find the good dealers after you have had problems,we could ask the main card issuers to remove their credit status to protect other users interests in this matters.
Brian Hunter ... 7 May 2003
It was a big mistake buying my computer parts from ebuyer.
They shipped inferior keyboard and short shipped speakers set. Both items have been paid for. Enote is a joke, I sent a enote about wrong keyboard and tred to open another enote for short shipped speakers, their system will not allow you to do that, one enote at a time, wited 3 days for their response only to be told that I have to wait 7 working days for their management to make a decision to send me a RMA so I can send the wrong keyboard back and then only God knows how long I will have to wait for the right keyboard bearng in mind I will not ba able to use the computer as I will be wothout a keyboard.

After that I was able to open new enote where I told them about the speakers, I received a reply about 4 days later to be told that it will be delivered that day, did it get delivered that day, heck it didn't. I have tried ringing their customer support only to be told by a voice mail to use the web site for all my enquiries. I have requested to talk to some body in management but that not forthcoming either. All in all I am really disgusted with their services and lack of customer care.
Syed Salahuddin Ahmed .. 27 August 2003
Ebuyers beware!
This is a VERY SIMPLIFIED reconstruction of my latest ordeals with this company. Ordered a tape drive from, received faulty; rma received from ebuyer, tape unit returned to ebuyer, followed by confirmation that drive was indeed faulty.

Enote to ebuyer, and asked for refund as this is now 4 weeks after drive received faulty. Told that a refund will not be given, but a repaired drive will be despatched. Rang credit card company to refund payment to me; informed by them that recent legislation when purchasing online with a credit card means that they can no longer get involved?
Over 3 months fter having received the original faulty drive received a factory repaired replacement. Majority of "enotes" ignored. Unable to contact this company by telephone - queues, or just unobtainable.

2nd Try
ordered 2 pc's (300+ shown as in stock) as part of a larger order. Order received without pc's. Enote ignored.
Go online to find that the 2 pc's ordered are, by ebuyers search engine "discontinued/unobtainable". Confirm that money taken against credit card on same day as order placed.
Another enote ignored. Eventually manage to get ebuyer on phone. Credit card refund agreed.

No effort by ebuyer to arrange credit for unobtainable items (£1000 + value)until i contacted them.

Monies taken out when goods not supplied.

These guys take your money, supply no goods, make it impossible to contact them, ignore "enotes" and now it seems ordering online with your credit card means they can totally ignore the sales of good act! No more ebuyer for me !
Keith ... 19 September 2003
So far I hadn't had a problem with ebuyer, Well not until I ordered a motherboard that was short of 4 screws and two cables. So I let them know and asked them to find another box and send them to me They of course insisted that I send the whole package back at my expense and wait another week or so till I get a replacement part.

I would just like to remind or inform the UK that an individual can not sign away their statutory rights US based firms and most of the UK population seem unaware of this. I'm not a lawyer I'm a computing pro but I was trained in law. I have had enough with these American aphiliated firms intimidating the British public. So if anyone is interest in taking court ation, let me know. Ray Campbell ... 2 October 2003
I will not nor would I recommend anyone to
purchase anything from They are truly one of the few companies I have dealt with that does not care about the customer. They seem to be only focused on their own profits.I bought a Linksys wireless router from and found out that the as advertised distance was not what the company said it was 40 feet verses the advertised 300 feet. I did everything I could to make the router work over a greater distance, even changed the router, only to be disappointed. I would have settled for 100 feet line of sight.

I then got permission to return the router to I returned the router and was charged a 20% restocking fee. I protested, but did not care that the router was an inferior product and Linksys had miss lead me. They were only interested in making their money. Their response was that they would contact the company and I would still have to pay the fee.My second problem with this company was when I wanted them to remove me from their mailing. I did not want to get spammed buy any company especially a company I had no intention of ever doing business with again.

I contacted their customer service and they said I would be removed from the list. I contacted them 5 more times and each time they said I was off their list. I even produced their spam only to hear you are off the list the only explanation for this would be either they are a bunch of idiots or they are lying. I had to place them in the spam blocker to get rid of them. . I should have listened to the other bad reviews about this company.
Howard Kones...18 October 2003
Please do not make the same mistake that I did
and try to buy something from This company is the pits. I have tried to contact them by telephone and via their stupid e-notes system but there has been no reply. I am still waiting for the parts I ordered although my money was taken weeks ago! Michael Prowse ... 14 November 2003
I am trying to communicate with (UK).
Their enotes are useless and the phone is constantly engaged. Does anyone have a mailing address for them? Steve Miles ... 17 November 2003
The delivery of my hard drive was supposed to be today, 19th of December,
but when I checked the courriers tracking number they have it down for the 22nd. Tried to phone Ebuyer but as everyone else has found it is impossible to get in touch on the phone. Have finally managed to contact the courriers, after being on hold forever and a day, and they say that ebuyer changed the pick up to this morning. Thanks a lot ebuyer for contacting me to let me know. It still says 19th on their website. I was reccomended ebuyer by a friend who uses them but I have now told hime not to use ebuyer again and I advise everybody considering using them not to as well.

This cock up is going to cost me a lot of money as my business depends on this hard drive. Tom Lowe ... 19 December 2003

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