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Ebuyer (UK) Ltd

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Mr R Fry
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I received a fault Traxdata CDRW from Ebuyer, Invoice:35XXXX Product:40605.

I tested it in 2 PC's with the same result.
I raised an RMA on the 16/09/02
I posted the parcel by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.
Royal Mail confirm delivery at 11:22 on 20/09/02

The website continued to show the RMA as waiting - not received.

I lodged an E-Note on 26/09/02 requesting an update and pointing out that the parcel had been delivered.

The RMA Status Remains as waiting - not received

My E-Note is shown as awaiting processing :- Ticket No 18XXX Assigned to AW

I lodged a further E-Note on 05/10/02 requesting an update.

My E-Note is shown as awaiting processing :- Ticket No 22XXX Assigned to AW

I e-mailed (chief operating officer) and (director) but have had no response.

Apart from receiving an electronic RMA number from Ebuyer I have had no contact from them regarding this returned item.

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A Right of Reply email has been issued.

update on 24 October 2002
"Since I logged the complaint I have obtained a companies house directors
report and have been ringing one of the directors on a daily basis and after
a few days Ebuyer contacted me to explain that they were working through the
backlog of e-notes, but were still over a month behind - hence why none of
my e-notes had been processed or replied to.

They also explained that when the item was picked they had actually sent me the wrong CDRW drive and so when I returned it they thought that I had returned something that I had not purchased from them. Because the drive was an OEM drive there was no easy way for me to identify the mispicking in the first place but fortunately I had arranged to return the drive as faulty within the 7 day limit for informing E-Buyer about an item mispick.

Currently I am still awaiting a refund and since the phone call 6 days ago I
have had no further contact and the website still shows the Return as awaiting testing. I am going to leave this for another week before pestering
the director again. Richard. "


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