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Ebuyer (UK) Ltd Rotherham
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Mr Alexander Elliot
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I am having immense trouble with have been a valued customer of theirs since early last year,in September I decided that it was about time I gave my primitive PC system an overhaul and buy a completely new PC setup.I plumped to buy an ECS 7S5A motherboard,Athlon 1.4Ghz processor,case and processor fan from ebuyer.They were selling them for a good price,and as I had dealt with them before,I thought it would be a smooth process.

All went well with my new spangly PC setup,and I was very impressed with the prompt delivery and even more impressed with how it performed.

Unfortunately my PC suddenly went completely on the blink a few weeks ago,and refused to boot up at all.The BIOS no longer beeped at me,nothing was displayed on the screen,and it basically was a dead duck.I checked the battery,replaced it with another,tried all the leads,but to no avail.

Suddenly I was left without a PC to my name.I managed to get hold of ebuyers phone number,and so decided to give them a ring regarding what to do about returning my motherboard.I also decided to return the CPU cooler,as the built in coolant agent on the heat sink would now be rendered useless,and I didn't want my processor to go wrong too!

Upon phoning their helpline,I was told to fill in an online returns form!As I didn't have access to a PC to go on the internet with,I could forsee a few communication problems!I managed to rig up a temporary system (albeit a s-l-o-w one) to try and sort my problem out.I managed to get onto their site and submitted a returns form,which was promptly accepted by their technical support department."Great",I thought,"this'll be sorted out in no time".I received an email back saying that the process of returning the motherboard and cooler would take about 7-10 days or "sooner in exceptional circumstances".

I am a student with the OU,and also do some work for my company,so a fast computer is essential to me for both graphic work and also application speeds.It didn't seem to matter that much that I would have to wait a week or so,so I waited and checked the site and email for news of any updates.They acknowledged receipt of the motherboard and cooler on the 5th of March.Nine days after this (14th March) but I became increasingly concerned that on the status page nothing seemed to be happening.

I thought I'd email my concern about this to them,and that I needed my computer for work.I received a prompt email back from them apologising for the delay and that they'd have the motherboard back to me w/c 18/03.

The next day I checked the status page and saw that they couldn't locate the fault in the motherboard and that it'd take up to 28 days to send it back to the manufacturers for repair or replacement.7-10 days?more like 30-40 days!In terms of the cooler,I had told them of my reasoning for returning it,which earlier they said were a valid reason for replacement.They reported that they had not found that there was a reason for it being faulty and that it would be returned.Obviously I became angry at this and decided to email them a stern email,saying that this was not good enough,and should they carry on with this course of action I would have to complain to good minded souls such as yourselves.

This email was ignored,so I decided to phone them today.After waiting in a queue for 20 minutes,I was told there was nothing they could do about it (despite the fact that when I last looked they had over 500 of the motherboards in stock!All I wanted was a quick replacement...could you help?This is beginning to drive me mad!

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A Right of Reply letter (and an email) has been issued.

update on 25 March 2002
Following the Right of Reply response from (see Column above right), the consumer has written to me:

"Dear Jon, Regarding this complaint,the funny thing about this was that when I spoke to ebuyer on the phone just before the right of reply letter,they had a totally different attitude to me.They hadn't replied to my emails that I had sent,and when I spoke to the manager,he said that they always reply to emails within "a couple of days",I told him that it had been almost a week and "hallelujah" just after I spoke to him,the email I had sent had been replied to within ten minutes!

The same thing had happened when I commented on the original status of the motherboard after nine days when nothing had been reported,the next day the fault was investigated!The right to reply was polite,but it didn't say anything new. Thanks a lot for doing the right to reply,and helping me out.It's nice to have polite and correspondance from them for a change. Thanks for all your help"


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