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DFS won't issue refund for Foot-stool that fails to match height of "matching" suite.

We have just purchased a new 3-piece suite from DFS (5 May 2001). We decided to also purchase a matching foot-stool. When the suite was delivered we discovered to our amazement, that the height of the foot-stool is actually higher that the height of the seat of any of the sofa chairs. The result is that when you use the foot-stool, your legs are raised.

We phoned the DFS store and there followed much defensive arugument from the DFS store manager on the phone, "... but surely you knew what you were buying" and "...everybody tries out the foot-stools in the store before buying." This, we told him is nonsense. Nobody comes in from the street into a furniture store and puts their dirty shoes onto a leather upholstered foot-stool. Yes, we sat in the chairs, and saw the matching foot-stool, and just took it for granted that it would be made to a proper design.

After a lot of persuation, DFS agreed to send an upholsterer to the house, to see the foot-stool. So, the upholsterer appears. After looking at the foot-stool for one minute, he too starts to defend DFS in a most ferrocious and defensive manner! "This the way they all are" and "Well, you saw what you were buying in the store" and "There aren`t any faults that I can find in the foot-stool." After a lot of persuasion, he agreed to take the foot-stool away with him, because he seemed to think that there might be a way of reducing the height at the legs of the foot-stool.

So, a week goes by and we hear nothing. Eventually, after two weeks, we get a phone call from the store. The foot-stool cannot now be altered to reduce the height! We argued for the fact that the design of this foot-stool must be flawed. We don`t know of any foot-stool or pufee that is higher than the seat you`re sitting in. But that fell on deaf ears, and up went the ferrociously (and rude at times) defensive response from the DFS manager.

WE have said to DFS not to bring the foot-stool back, because we will not accept delivery.We have asked for a refund on the foot-stool (the stool alone costs £199). They will not give us a refund.

We are very happy with the suite and we will be keeping that. Now, can anybody help us with some advice? Where do we stand?
We argue the following:

1. It is not reasonable to asume that prospective customers come in off the street and put their feet up on a foot-stool in a furniture store. And we took it for granted that the height of the stool would be alright.
2. A foot-stool that has a height, that is heigher than the seat has to be a flawed design. No other foot-stool is designed in ths way.
3. What are our rights regarding a refund? The suite, including the foot-stool has been fully paid for, no monies owing on it. Any help at all would be appreciated.

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  Editorial Comments

A right of reply letter has been issued to the DFS Store. Please let us hear your comments. Have you had similar experiences with DFS or is this simply a one off?2 September 2001

update 24 September 2001

A result at last:

"The good news is that they conceded to adjust the height of the foot-stool. When I phoned them, shortly after your web posting on your site and your letter to them, their attitide changed dramatically, I quote the DFS manager at the Slough store: "We didn`t think you would go that far, I`m sure we can help you out and settle this matter". They have now shortened the legs by 2 inches, and the foot-stool is at last usable. Even at this late stage, when they had agreed to do something about it, DFS still had to be chased numerous times on the phone, and were most un-responsive.

I`d like to thank you for helping us out. It`s obvious to us that your web site`s presence is very effective.Well done! B ALSINA."


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