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Ms D Sayers
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On purchasing a grundig TV in Nov 02, a fault accured on the 20/06/02. An enginer was called out but did not know what was wrong so the tv was sent away for 3 weeks.

7months later the fault came back. An enginer came out phoned the workshop who told him to play with the wires in the back and the tv should work ( and it did).

6months later the problem has come back. Now when i bought the tv i was told by the sales person that if i took out the master plan that if the tv should have a fault which accures more then 3 times during the cover it will be replaced.

Now master plan say that it has to go wrong 4 time and in 1 year and that they will not replace my tv and will just keep fixing it. Every person i talk to does not want to give their name ( i guess its just to cover them selves). Its not that i want a new tv just one that works properly and does not break down every 6 months.

I have spoken to master care, cover plan, Dixton store, Dixon customer care and grundig and no-one is willing to help. The people on the phone are rude unhelpfull and dont care.

I was told that when my plan ends i will JUST have to pay for an enginer to come out and its not there problem i bought a faulty tv. And another said- when your plan runs out it will be time for you to buy a new tv anyway. Are these the things customers need to hear?

I feel like i've been chasing my tail. All calls where made on the 04/08/03
Please help.

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