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Mr J Milburn
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This is the third letter I have written to Dixons regarding a complaint, which they seem unwilling to do anything about or unwilling to reply.
I finally received a refund 32 days after my initial request
Dixons have not not even bothered to respond to my complaint. I would advise anyone not to use dixons online as they offer a very poor standard of customer service.

On 20 December 2002 I purchased a camcorder from the Dixons website – order number D00xxxxxxx. I received an e mail on 24 December saying that the order was being sent by securicor and according to the e mail deliveries would arrive within one working day of the dispatch between 4 & 9pm. I realised, because of the Christmas holidays that it may take a little longer than normal.

On the 4th January I contacted your call centre to see what was happening with the delivery, as I had not received it. I spoke to someone called Debbie, who told me that securicor could not find my address, but would deliver it on Monday 6th of January. On the Monday, someone from securicor contacted me to ask where exactly I lived and assured me the parcel would be delivered the next working day between 4 & 9pm. I arranged time off from work so that I would be in the house between these hours. However according to the securicor website they actually tried to deliver the parcel during the day when I was at work..

On Wednesday 8th January, I contacted your call centre again to find out why this had happened. I spoke to a Mr DS who was very unhelpful. Because of this I asked for a refund and Mr S refused. I asked to speak to a manager, again he refused saying if I wanted to make a complaint I would have to put it in writing. I then asked for the number of Dixons head office to try to resolve the situation, but again he refused to give this to me.

I found out the telephone number from an alternative source and spoke with your head office who told me that I could speak to one of your managers and to try again. I spoke to Mr AR on the 8th. I asked for a refund as I felt that due to the standard of customer service I was getting from your company, I no longer wanted the goods, also due to the length of time I was left waiting for the goods I felt very let down by Dixons. Mr A told me that he had arranged for the parcel to be returned and that I could not have a refund until it was back with Dixons, but the money should be in my account in about 7 days.

I again contacted the call centre on 14th January as after checking the securicor website I found that the parcel was still not recalled. I spoke to someone called Jonathan on extension 1xxxx. He would not give me his surname and when I asked to speak to a manager, he said it is not company policy, managers do not take calls.

I again contacted your call centre on Wednesday 15th January to try yet again to obtain a refund. I spoke to a Ms LC who again told me that the parcel would be recalled and I would have a refund in about 7 days. I checked the securicor website on 17th January only to find that the parcel was still being held for redelivery.

I spoke to Mr MW on the 17th January. He investigated the situation for me and again told me that I should get a refund within the next 7 days.

Why has it taken 29 days so far to resolve what should have been a simple problem? Why have I not received a refund from you, when again it should have been relatively straightforward to process? Why when contacting your call centre and asking to speak to a manager am I not allowed to do so, even though Dixons head office told me that your staff cannot refuse to let me speak to a manager? Is it company policy to treat all refund requests so evasively & poorly?

Below are paragraphs from a subsequent letter:

Why did it take 32 Days to receive a refund, why are you not replying to my letters of complaint? I asked for compensation from yourselves as I feel that I have been treated disgracefully by your company and also that you had £412 of my funds for 32 days, quite clearly you broke your advertised delivery schedules and then treat your customers poorly if they want to complain.

I feel that if this is the way you treat your customers when something goes wrong, then you have lost a loyal customer. I would like some sort of reply from you as all of the above could have been avoided if your organisation could have even a little customer friendly.

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I have sent 3 e-mails to dixons customer services, but have had NO reply.
Michael Boughton-Fox ... 23 October 2003
My complaint is detailed below: The coverplan Warranty agreement clearly states "If we can't repair your tv on our first visit and it has a screen size of over 17 inches a loan set is available upon request." There is nothing ambiguous about this statement, there are no ifs or buts which suggest that a replacement tv will not be available. click to read on ...
Martin Shiel .. 17 December 2003
I seem to have joined a long list of dixons complainers.
i did get an e-mail reply but took them 4 days to tell me what i already knew, that the order had not been dispatched. anyone else stupid enough to try a phone them? i did and spent more than what i would of saved waiting to talk to a human being. assuming one works there.gave up and e-mailed again and written to cancel my order. bet it still turns up sometime this year. don't anyone use the dixons internet service just coz it looks cheaper. it's cost more in the long run.
Clive Howell .. 16 January 2004

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