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Dixons Store Group Sheffield
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Mr Terry Fahey
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On 5th January 2002 I visited the Hounslow branch of Currys with the intention of buying a DVD player. I eventually chose a Sony DVPNS700V for £399.83.

This was partly due to a special offer which was advertised on a bright yellow sticker that covered a third of the box.The sticker stated that I could choose three free DVDs if I purchased this DVD player.

As I was paying I also asked for a scart lead only to be told that there was one included in the box.

When I got home I unpacked the box only to find that there was no scart lead included and that the leaflet containing information about the offer showed an expiry date of 31st December 2001.

I returned to the branch and spoke to the manager, who wouldn't give me his surname. In a nutshell he said that it was tough luck about the offer and of course there isn't a scart lead included. He admitted that his staff should have removed all reference to the special offer from the shop floor by 31/12/01.

I wasn't happy with this and have now sent three letters to Currys head office (Currys are part of the Dixon's store group). In my first letter I said that I was happy for them to send me either the three DVDs that I had chosen from the offer leaflet or a cheque for £60.

The first letter they sent me by way of reply was a generic complaints reply letter which did not respond to any of my specific requests. They offered £20 in gift vouchers, not a cheque, but made no mention of their staff or an admission of liability.

The second and third letters did not improve much on the first. The offer of the gift vouchers, which incidentally never arrived, changed to a cheque for the same amount and eventually included a contribution towards the cost of the £12 scart lead. Their sole argument is the fact that the special offer had expired and they had no responsibility. They do not seem to understand that they had broken the law by selling this item with a special offer that could not be realised.

I have now dealt with three members of staff including the manager of the branch and in each case it is like banging my head against a brick wall.If you need copies of any letters then please let me know.

Mr T Fahey

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  Editorial Comments

update 22 April 2002
Following the right of reply from Dixons, we have asked for Mr Fahey's comment.

Mr Fahey: I'm afraid that I can't believe that Dixons response is even in relation to my complaint as it makes no sense what so ever. Their letter dated 18th March simply reiterated their unwillingness to assist me and an offer now to 'assist me further' is just insulting. I will write them another letter but I don't think that they have any intention of offering any further assistance.

I am however grateful that the London Borough of Hounslow trading standards dept. are now involved. They have indicated a willingness to prosecute as Dixons have clearly breached the law. Mr Fahey...24 April 2002

update on 21 May 2002
Dear click2complaints team, Eventually I received a letter from Dixons concerning the appearance of this complaint on your website. Apparently they were surprised that I wasn't satisfied! They have sent me a cheque for £54 and gift vouchers amounting to £30 which I have accepted. I have no doubt, however, that this would not have been the end result if this information hadn't been put on public disply. Many thanks for your efforts.
Mr T Fahey...21 May 2002


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