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16 December 2003
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Mr A Deacon
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Bourne End

On 25 November, I used a search engine to find the best price for a digital camera I particularily wanted as a Christmas present, the Fuji S5000. The results returned a few companies, the cheapest of which came up with I took a look on their website for the camera which was marked as a stock item. I then decided to purchase the camera together with an 128Mb xD card (both items of which were in stock). I took out their 12 months Buy now pay later at 0% interest deal.

I received the agreement in the post 2 days after and returned it via first class post immediately. Dixons acknowledged the processing of this and two days later took the 10% deposit from my card this was on 4th December. On the 7th December I phoned Dixons on line and spoke to a guy called Pritchard. He stated that there was no problem with my order and that the goods will be shipped within 2 working days. At this stage, I checked the website again and both items were again showing in stock.

On 10th December I then receive an email from Dixons stating that there was a problem with my order due to no stock. I emailed them for clarification and received an email back on 11 December stating that the goods were out of stock at the moment awaiting more stock in from their supplier. They have asked that I wait 7 working days during which the goods will be shipped or I will receive another email stating an update on the delay.

The "careless" communication of this company leaves much to be desired (I have sent several emails to them which are either ignored or take days to respond to). But my main gripe is that at all stages (including today) the items show as in stock on their website with no indication of a delay.

So WHY is there a delay in simply shipping my goods out to me? Instead I a fed some bull about the order going through, then I receive an email about a delay. Or is it a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing?

At the moment, I don't know whether to wait or cancel. If I cancel I have a feeling that I am going to have to fight to get my deposit back and the credit agreement cancelled. If I wait, how long are they going to delay my order (and more to the point WHY??)

I am extremely unhappy with this and make no hesitation in asking all friends and family to avoid Dixons at all costs . Dixons are a recognised High Street chain, I shouldn't have these problems.

Perhaps this buy now pay later scheme of Dixons means that you order now then receive the goods in 12 months time when payment is due!!!

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I've got a similar complaint just started regarding being told goods were available, then not being available, then being delivered, then they can't deliver them because no one was there to accept them! ( in all the time - 5 people in the living room most looking out of the window!). Will post full complaint when Dixons Group reply. Ray Bell .. 22 December 2003
Ordered an IPAQ 5550 from the website on 20/12/03. Recieved agreement for credit on 23rd and sent it off for receipt and acknowledgement from Dixons on 30th December. That's where it stops. Now 5th January, They never ever answer the phone and give " All our operators are busy". They don't reply to emails and my order status onlide says "order received on 20/12/03". I would cancel the order except it will probably turn up the following day and then take an infinity to cancel the order and have my credit returned. Take my advice buy from

I even tried going to the shop (which the website says you can) but they didn't give a monkeys chuff about the order and said it is a completely different company. I found it ironic that a completely different company can have the same level of indifference and disdain for customer sthat are desperate to part with 450 quid of their hard earned money. Happy Christmas Dixons you are the crappest of crap with customer service.
Stephen Hughes ... 5 January 2004
I am writing to tell you as I am most unhappy about the way the repair to my playstation 2 was handled as my ps2 had developed a fault. I took it into dixon's in walsall branch no 0166 to be repaired as i was covered by a coverplan service agreement refrence 0166xxxxxx and was handed a repair recepit no 406xxxx and was told it should be returned to me before christmas.

So I waited 4 weeks and returned on the 29th december 2003 and spoke to the deputy manager and explained that I had waited 4 weeks and it still had not been returned to me. She then told me to ring coverplan customer service's and they would send me vouchers so I could obtain a new ps2. I contacted coverplan and told they do not normally do this as ps2's are not usally repaired just replaced i was then put through to another person and was told that he had never heard of this being done and i should have received a new ps2within 7 days.

i was then put on hold while he contacted the walsall store to find out what was going on he then told me that they could not trace where it had been sent he then told me to contact the walsall store so i did this and was told that they had contacted the mastercare info team and that i had to wait another 2 weeks i then returned to the store on the 12/1/04 and was given a replacement i am most annoyed that my childeren had to go through xmas not being able to play the games that where given them as presents brought at your store

not only have i had to take 5 hours of work and spend over 9 in phone credit in sorting this matter out but my kids xmas was spoiled a company such as dixons should not let this sort of thing happen i hope you could sort this matter out. iawait your reply Darren Gilbert ... 12 January 2004

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Forwarded to Dixons by email on 23 February 2004

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