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Dixons Direct
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Derek Davison
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Is it now a crime to take the Retailer at their word? Promised TV stand fails to materialize?

I ordered an hitachi television widescreen on 3 august 2001 . Four days later I received a phone call to say the item was not in stock and would I be interested in a Samsung widescreen.

I asked if the tv came with a stand like the hitachi? I was told it did. One week later- not four days as they boast- I received my TV set without the stand. I complained and was told that it did not come with a stand and if I cared to look at the item on the web I would see.

I went on the web and the tv is not offered for sale on the web. I have written twice to thier customer complaints and then one answer phone message giving me 0500888666 as a contact number I have heard nothing. Try ringing this number you will get a dead tone!

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yep tried the number and it was dead!

Dixon should explain why, having promised that the replacement- which they happened to suggest to Mr Davison- comes with a stand they failed to deliver. a Right of Reply letter has been issued.


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I work for dixons. What people don't realise if there is a problem with any product brought from dixons direct the customer can always call into their local dixons store where we are generally only too keen to help.

When in store we can also check before you make a purchase if the tv comes complete with a stand. It is common place that any tv over 21 inch come complete with stands and if you are in any doubt just ask as we can check and give you an answer in seconds Mark, Essex... 22 July 2002
Hi Mark, Just wondering which branch you work in.
It definately would not be Kingston Upon Thames or any of the Dixon's stores I have visited recently.
Sarita Chand ... 1 November 2003
It certainly isn't the Dixons Woking Store.
The staff can't spell, don't listen and there is never anyone that knows anything about any of the products. It is like shopping at a shop for the slow of mind and expert in apothy.
Stephen Hughes ... 5 January 2004

I know exactly how you feel!
I ordered a game boy for my boyfriends xmas present and 14days later-i am still waiting. I cannot contact the helpline as it is constantly engaged. Am disgusted with the level of servive and shall never recommend Dixons to future buyers Hannah Moore .. 30 December 2003

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