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DFS - Furniture
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Mrs Nilsson
Town/City of Residence:

5th May 2003.
Purchased sofa and two armchairs on
Told they would be delivered by Friday to an address in Plymouth.
(We are moving house).

We were charged £150 for delivery.

9th May 2003.
No sign of the furniture

10th May 2003
We phoned. Spoke to New Malden and Plymouth branches of DFS.
Told new delivery date of 20th May 2003.

20th May 2003

No furniture then either.

21st May 2003

Phoned again. Spoke to New Malden and Plymouth branches of DFS.
Told new delivery date of 4th June 2003.

4th June 2003

No furniture then either.

5th June 2003
Phoned again. Spoke to New Malden and Plymouth branches of DFS.
Told us new PROVISIONAL date of 13th June 2003.

AT THIS POINT I DECIDED I WANTED A REFUND. This sofa would have taken 6 weeks to deliver by then - and this isn't a guaranteed date anyway. May take months to deliver.
Was told it would take 21 days to refund, and I should phone again if I didn't get a refund.

So I am paying interest on furniture that I have paid for IN FULL, never arrived, and I have no guarantee if I will get the refund I have asked for. They took my money on the spot - there is no reason it should take so long to refund me. We have never even received the goods! They still have them. Any ideas what I should do to try to get this refund?

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I was about to go to DFS to purchase a sofa (3+2) until I read the comments posted by their customers, forget it!!! This was after waiting for the sofas I had bought from Courts to be repaired after 5 months, now being returned and having a refund after being unable to give me a date. They do refund though! Great site, keep it up and keep the general public informed.
Jeffrey Cole ... 7 January 2004

Your furniture is hand-crafted to fit your order. You would have been provided an expected lead time for the production/delivery of you furniture at the point of sale. If a change of delivery address was effective, I assume you would have informed DFS at the store from which you purchased?

I assume that you are paying interest on your credit-card as DFS does offer interest free credit. For which payment terms can be considered at point of purchase. I sure any mis-understanding has been dealt with by now. Hope that you enjoy your furniture. Regards, Stuart ... 22 July 2003
My parents bought some furniture from them that was rubbish and different to what was on offer in the store.
It took several months but not until I issued a summons against them and the FINANCE HOUSE did they actually take our complaint seriously and we got our money back. My advice is send them a letter (and to the finance house) giving them seven days to refund and claim from the the costs invloved including your interest charges. If they dont pay (which the probably wont) go and issue a summons and watch them ring you up quick to settle before it gets to court. Steve Bonnici... 4 August 2003
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment.
I am about to move house and I was considering purchasing a suite from DFS after seeing an advert in a weekend supplement. Having read the comments on this website, I see the all too familiar story of a British company: shoddy workmanship, terrible customer service, salespeople with no knowledge, no pride in what is being sold etc. etc.

I will endeavour to find a specialist furniture maker who I will gladly pay to do a proper job. Now I know why DFS is cheap, and no discount is worth the hassles detailed on this website.
Simon Brown ... 8 September 2003
We brought a sofa and 2 chairs in January 2001 for £1093.
The biggest mistake of my life and an expensive one!! It arrived....damage! Phoned and they repaired the broken carsters. Now we come to the 2nd time..They had to repair the material inside the cushions, stiched up and alls ok. Now we come to the 3rd time....getting rathered annoyed now at ringing and waiting in!!! All the zips on the furniture were broken.

Now this is the funny thing (good job i can laugh) i was told it was due to UN-WEAR AND TEAR. I totally forgot i spent my evenings zipping and un zipping the furniture! What an excuse. They then decided to charge me £5.00 for each zip! Cutting out the naughty words i told the cocky little idiot to leave and to get the manager to ring me. Yes your right he didnt ring. The man came back and said he would do it free this time and this time only. He needs to go to learn that customers are an important role in companies and re think his attitude!

opps i just remembered they came out before to re pair a broken arm which it had to taken away for, very inconvient for my family and i! I also payed for the insurence. What a rip off!! They sent me the cleaning stuff through the post and said "get on with it" what a joke of a company. Lets see what happens now shall we. Ms Katie Young ... 15 September 2003

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