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DFS Stores Brigg
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Mr P Hopton
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Cream leather furniture ordered 26-11-02, 2 off AMFI 3 seater settee & 1 off AMFI Chair. The furniture was delivered 25th Jan 2003. We reported the suite as defective on Weds 12th Feb. On one of the three seater settees, the foot had broken and as a result the suite was not level. We asked for a full refund as we had no confidence in the quality of the furniture.

DFS refused to refund our money. Contacted trading standards who informed us we had no right to a refund. Contacted DFS and agreed to a repair, they eventually sent someone out to look at it and agreed to repair it. We were informed we would have to wait for a new foot to arrive from the manufacturer, no timescale was given.

DFS did not tell us the manufacturer was in China. Nearly three months later still not repaired, phone call from DFS to say that replacement part had arrived from China, but part was incorrect on delivery. They are still awaiting delivery of the correct part from China. No indication as to how long this will take, suspect similar timescale to the original replacement part they ordered, about 3 months. That means we will not have our now settee repaired until August.

DFS do not appear to care. Take a look at their website and see what it says about their quality and committment to customer service. I expected them to repair the fault sooner, and if that meant flying the part from China, then they should have done it. All contact with DFS has been by telephone with their Brigg store, where we bought the furniture from.

We have spoken to their customer service representative and the store manager. I plan to ask for compensation for loss of use, I do not expect to be successful. I should have paid more attention to the experiences of others shown on the BBC's "Watchdog". They will definitely not be getting my custom in future.

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I purchased a cream leather 3 and 2 seater settees from dfs store in darley dale,i,m a single parent and worked and saved for 2 years so that i could buy my settee cash ($1,495 ) as i didn,t want any form of credit agreement, the salesman at the store convinced me in to taking an insurance out which cost around $100,in such he assured me that it would cover any marks or damage to my sofas, as i have 3 children the youngest being 8 at the time i thought it was a good idea as we all know how kids can be careless at times...

Anyway my sofas were delivered a week before christmas 2002, everything was ok around 5 mnths later one of my children accidentley splilt nail glue on the centre cushion, as you can imagine i wasn,t pleased at all, after i had calmed down ,i thought to myself well i have my insurance so i,m covered when i phoned the store they told me that i wasn,t covered for marks such as nail glue ... only marks such as red wine, and tea, which are marks i can
clean off myself.

i told the lady on the phone that the salesman assured me i was covered for any marks and didn,t specify which marks i was and was not covered for, after alot of haggling and endless phone calls they agreed to send a manager out to see if they could do anything i was told this was a good will gesture from them........he came and was at my house around an hour trying to get the glue off ,with all due respect to him he tried his best,it left a terrible mark on my sofa where he tryed to clean it, it looked like an iron burn and it still does.

i have contacted dfs quite a few times since then but to no avail they keep telling me it was a good will gesture and haven,t even offered any form compensation although its worse now than before, my argument is i was sold insurance under false pretences, all i can say is if anyone is planning to go and purchase anything from dfs think twice..... they are not what they appear to be, i would never buy anything from them again, and would,nt advise anyone i know to either.Ms H Goulbourne ... 13 January 2004

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