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Currys/Dixons/PC World Stores
  17 Mar 2003 PC World..."who can make these people listen and take action"
  22 Jun 2003 PC World...Letter of complaint
  14 May 2003 PC World...I feel I did not receive good Customer Care
  10 Jun 2003 Dixons..you treat your customers poorly if they want to complain.
  02 Aug 2003 Dixons..they wont do nothing now to help me
  04 Aug 2003 Dixons..I feel like i've been chasing my tail.
  11 Aug 2003 PC World...Customer care does not care!!.
  10 Aug 2003 Currys... explain why I deserved what Currys' staff did to me.
  10 Dec 2003 Currys ... disgusting way to expect people to hang on to the phone like this
  15 Dec 2003 Dixons ... WHY is there a delay in simply shipping my goods out to me?
  05 Aug 2002 Mastercare/Currys..'I have written to their MD twice but he never replies himself'
  03 Oct 2002 Currys..."we would like to compensated to the value of at least £350"
  07 Oct 2002 Currys...'disgusted with the general disregard of my wife’s condition by Curry’s employees'
  18 July 2002 Mastercare/Currys..."we have found your service and your systems totally incompetent"
  04 July 2002 Dixons..."Not once did he offer any kind of 'sorry'"
  02 April 2002 PC World...."PC World haven't contacted me"
  20 May 2002 PC World..."I am absolutely disgusted by the service I have received"
    Dixons..."I believe that Dixons have misrepresented their prices"
  08 Sep 2001 Dixons Direct...u been tangoed!
  07 April 2002 Dixons....not satisfied with Dixons response
  17 June 2002 Currys... "Currys refuse to honour price promise"
  28 June 2002 Currys... "I am totally disgusted by this type of behaviour"
    Currys.."The laptop has gone back to Currys twice"
    Mastercare/Currys.."I now demand a full refund and compensation"
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