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18 December 2003

Dear Customer, Thank you for your email

The cost to use this service is set by BT at a National Rate of £0.08 per minute
At this time of year we are extremely busy due to the run up to Xmas and on occasions
we do have quite a few calls waiting. we do try our best to answer all calls within 30 seconds.
But on the events you have experienced this did not happen.

Please accept my apologies in this matter and thank you for contacting us.

Kindest Regards

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helpline for Packard bell laptops

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Mrs V Beames
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I rang the Curry's helpline no 08702420444 this evening, and after going through the {press appropreate numbers to be put thru to the Packard Bell laptop number i was told by the recorded voice thatsomeone would be with with me shortly.

After 17 minutes waiting on the end of the line i put the phone down in anger at the thought of the cost of this call before i was even connected to the engineer to submit my problem.

This is a disgusting way to expect people to hang on to the phone like this,if these companies are so very busy they should employ mor people or are they in league with their telephone provider to make more money in call charges.

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yeah love cos thats the number 4 pc world not currys. get it right!
sarah smith ... 1 January 2004

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