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Ms C Ma
Town/City of Residence:

I bought Samsung 42 inch TV/VCR/DVD on 1 Feb 2003,which cost me £1495. It was delivered to me on 14 Feb 2003.

On 5 Aug 2003, the picture on the screen was gone. I reported faulty to Curry Repairing Service Dept 08701541541 on 6 Aug 2003. I tried for more than two hours, the line was always engaged. Then I tried Curry Customer Service line at 08701 545 570. I was put on hold by a lady from Customer Service Dept for more than 25 minutes and then transferred to another lady to book an appointment for engineer coming to check. That lady told me CLEARLY that the engineer would repair it on site, if he could not repair it, he would take it with him and Currys would give me replacement. On 9 Aug 2003, engineer came, glanced at the TV, only gave me one sentence 'You need to contact Service Dept on Monday for another appointment'. I asked whether he was going to repair it and when I would receive the replacement. He simply replied 'Thats not possible', then he left.

I rang Customer Service Dept again to find out when they would send me the replacement because I like watching TV but I dont have second TV at home , and I subscribed Sky so I pay subscription every month,. Again, I waited for another 20 minutes for somebody answered my call from Customer Service. This time I was told there would be no replacement, I had to ring back AGAIN on Monday to book another appointment. I asked whether she could book me an appointment then, 'No, the Repairing Dept is closed already' she said. It was lunchtime around 12:30 on Saturday then, actually the repairing dept is working from 9:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday (08701 541 541).

Then I asked whether I could have replacement as her colleague advised me when I reported faulty. 'No, you need to wait for 28 days'. I asked why different staff gave me different answer, whom should I listen to? She said I had no choice but to ring back on Monday. Though the Repairing Dept was still open at that time, she refused to book any appointment for me and refused to tell me when could next appointment be. I tried to persuade her to help me for booking next appointment because I was eager to get my TV repaired so that I can watch. And I do believe that I paid £1495 just in Feb this year so I deserve a TV to watch. Unfortunately, she lost her patience, she cut my line. I need to point out here, until then, there was nobody advised me that repairing would take 28 days, neither did the first customer service officer when I reported faulty nor did the engineer who glanced at my TV.

Then I went to Currys in Beckton where I bought this TV just six months ago. A Customer Service Manager called S L checked from system, told me that TV's tube was gone, and I had to book another appointment for repairing. I asked whether she could help me to book appointment or may I have replacement because I only had one TV at home. 'No', she refused loudly.

Then I asked her please put down her name and Currys would repair it in 28 days or I would get replacement. Because first staff from Currys advised me wrongly, and I even didnt know her name. Now I realised that different staff from Currys would give me different answer, I had to get the staff name and what they told me so that I can follow. She refused again, she said:'You can go to trading standard.' I said I didnt want to complain, I didnt have more time on this issue, I just want to sort it out as early as possible. Guess what happened next? She shouted at me: 'Get your mouth closed! Leave Currys now!' I was shocked.

Even worse, she turned to one security staff, asked him: 'Get her out of here'. Plenty of customers in Currys then heard and saw what she said and what she did to me. I am female, 158cm tall and 50kg weight, not tall not strong, kept on saying 'please' since I talked to her. I will never understand in the rest of my life why I deserved to be frightened by Currys staff to be thrown out of Currys. Luckily, the strong security staff didnt follow her order, otherwise I could be in hospital now.

I busted into tears immediately. Another manager C Patel came to me. I asked him, why Currys treats customer like this, I was the victim of that faulty product. He said Currys treats every customer same, there was nothing wrong with Currys' service. After an hour, finally he gave me his name and Currys would give me replacement after 28 days unwillingly. I left Currys still tears still without any appointment booked.

I paid £1495 for TV set from Currys in Feb this year, the tube was gone only six months after purchase. I only had one TV at home, I could not watch TV for one week already and would have more weeks to go before it repaired or replaced. However, I still have to pay Sky subscription, and I have to spend time on ringing those forever busy customer service tel no, as well as on another appointment, another collection and another delivery. I didnt do anything wrong, the only mistake I made is doing purchasing from Currys. Started from first time I reported faulty till now, there was nobody from Currys apologized for what happened to me, for all inconvenience caused to me.

I would like to hear from Mr Nick Wilkinson to explain why I deserved what Currys' staff did to me.

Yours sincerely, C Ma

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I Would like to point out to this customer that she was not misled about the fact the repair department was closed after 12.30 on a ssturday they actually shut at 12.00 (they are open till 6pm mon-fri) after which they are then re-routed to a national call centre who may then have to advise customers to contact their local repair centre when they re-open on monday morning if there are no available bookings showing on the system
catherine .. 9 September 2003
This is not the first time I've heard of this type of disgusting behaviour from Currys' staff.
I'd like to see some action from Currys to combat this type of appalling customer service. Taking this type of action against a customer is not only immoral, its illegal. Obviously if someone is forcibly removed from a store, their statutory rights have been effected. If if the security guard had removed her from the store then the customer could have claimed assault. The shop assistant responsible should be removed from her position.

As a final note, its nice to see that the comment from Catherine concentrates on what's really important. Nice one catherine, I take it you work for currys?
Steve ... 28 October 2003
I fully sympathise with the way this lady feels about Curry's.
My complaint is no where near as bad as her experience but the way they treat the PAYING customer is quite beyond belief!! I was given 3 different excuses as to why my cooker wasn't delivered on time,this cost me over 150 more to then have installed. Since then I have written,e-mailed (5 times) just to ask for an explanation as to why I wasn't liable to any compensation. The result was a total blank from Curry's!! They have ignored every request for information on the subject.I find this rudeness quite amazing for such a large company Is there any one out there that can give information on who I can take my complaint to next? Mike Crankshaw ... 23 January 2004

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