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Mr C Buckley
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Monday, 07 October 2002

Dear Sir/Madam,

This may be a long letter so bear with it.

On the 8th September, myself and my wife (8.5 months pregnant), decided we needed a dishwasher to cope with the added amount of workload with our impending arrival.

We went over to your new store in Stevenage on the Roaring Meg Retail Park, and indeed purchased the shop floor model of Ariston AS100.

We asked for it to be delivered and installed and paid the appropriate fee for this service. While we were paying for the item, as I am not a plumber, I asked if the installation was so it would work before the delivery man left, I was assured that this was the case.

Problem 1 – Delivery driver arrives later that week and informs us that we don’t have the appropriate pipe work to perform the installation. He told us that all installation was, was him screwing the pipes from the back of the discwasher into the plumbing and plugging it in. This was not was I was promised, we then had to employ the serives of a plumber to come and deal with it.

Problem 2
– The plumber arrives, carries out the appropriate plumbing work, he goes to screw the connecting pipes from the back of the machine to his plumbing and he tells us that there are no pies – they were not supplied, the plumber goes away having cost us £80.

Problem 3 – The wife phones your store and as there is no one available to speak to us and someone would call her back. No one called, the next day, my wife called again and insists on holding while someone becomes available, we were promised/assured a delivery of the relevant pipes the next day in express post.

No pipes arrived, we waited another day (benefit of the postal service), but still no pipes.

The wife phones again and no one could speak to her. With this, my wife (8.75 months pregnant and hardly able to drive) went to the store, she was given pipes and instructions and off she goes home called the plumber who then came and tried to fit the pipes, but the store had omitted to include any washers with them, the plumber has some on his van and we were charged another £15 for the privalige of his time and washers.

The plumber also told us that the instructions that we were given, were for a different Ariston machine, the wife spend another 30 minutes trying to get through to the store, when she did, the store manager told her that all Ariston instructions are universal and are for every machine. This is not the case.

My wife spent another unspecified amount of time trying to get someone to call her back, and from the three of four times she called in the duration of the day, not one person called her back.

I called the store from work the next day and got to speak to a manager there and I was told that they did not have the instructions for the machine we bought and they were trying to locate some from anouther store – fair enough (although there was no apology about all the messing about and the wrong information and instructions and the lack of washers for the machine).

Problem 4 – We were told that there were no instructions for this machine in the UK, Ariston no longer make the machine and they would have to get the instructions from abroud and have them translated, I was told that this was going to take 3 weeks. We had already had this machine for 2 weeks and have not been able to use it.

I said this was just not acceptable, and the person I spoke to did not really give a dam to be honest, I was told that that was it and they would contact me when they had been translated.

Not taking that for an answer I phone your office (Head Office), I explained the situation and was told that all we needed to do, was go back to the store (Saturday) and tell the customer services department that it had been agreed by the head office customer services department, for them to supply us with the next machine up from the one we had at no extra cost.

We did this (wife now 1 day before her due date), we spoke to a really nice and helpful chap, although he did not work in the customer services department he did actually help us.

All was agreed and the he just had to clear it with the store Manager (Greg).

Problem 5 – Greg the manager was having none of it. He told us that he was not responsible to the head office, he was the store manager and what he said was the law in that store!

At this point I was about to explode, we had paid cash for a machine 3 weeks ago and was not able to use it, no appologies have ever been made, my wife had made 4 trips to the store (7 miles away from home) and she is about to give birth, we were promised the earth but nothing ever turned up, I have never, never been so insulted before in my life never!

After a 15 minute shouting row in the store (on a Saturday, the busiest day of the week for a retailer I guess), Greg just insisted that regardless of what the head office had promised, was not his problem, he was the boss and what he said went.

I mentioned that just 15 minutes before Greg turned up, the actual helpful sales guy had agreed to what your department had promised, so Greg spoke to this guy and had a blazing row in the Customer Services Department, about how this was not his decision and now he was going to have to fulfil what he had promised.

We were promised a new machine for delivery on the following Wednesday.

Problem 6
– We had paid a plumber to come and install the machine, I am now a plumber so I refused to un-install the machine, Greg told me that he was then not willing to change the machines over. Back to square 1.

Following a further 30 minutes of heated debate between Greg and my wife (9 month pregnant), in the store, at the customer services desk, on the busiest day of the week, my wife finally agreed for the machine to be uninstalled by herself or me, just so we could move on. We left the store.

Wednesday came, no machine, Friday came, no machine, the wife called the store and we were told that there would be no delivery of these machines until the following week, Greg must have known this and just fobbed us off to get us out of the store. ~

Yesterday, I cracked! I phoned the store and said the reason we wanted a dishwasher was due to impending birth of new baby, I asked what machines were in stock and asked for them to just get me the next one up and I will physically drive the machine I have had sitting unused in my kitchen for the last month and swap it.

This was agreed by a relatively helpful member of staff (Sean), I uninstalled the machine and put it (on my own) into the back of my car and drove back to the store.

I was told I would have to pay the difference from the unused machine (£199) I was returning to the new machine (£267.87).

Problem 7 – We had to pay the difference.

I paid this difference, we swapped machines and we made our get away.

Firstly, this situation is the kind of thing you hear about on BBC’s Watchdog, I am absolutely and utterly disgusted with the way we (your customer), have been treated by Curry’s employees.

I am disgusted with the general disregard of my wife’s condition by Curry’s employees. I am astounded by the lack of information available from your in-store staff and the miss-information given.

I would like to hear your thoughts with regards to this situation and the basis of your reply/compensation offer, will determine my next call to action.

Yours sincerely, Chris & Vicky Buckley

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