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Dixons Store Group
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Mr I Kirkman
Town/City of Residence:
Stourport on Severn

In the week 22nd – 26th July 2002 we had a Hastings kitchen fitted at the above address. Excluding the units the cost of fitting the kitchen totalled £1750 or £350 per day for the five days an extraordinary high price for one man’s labour. This fitting charge consisted of £1150 and an additional cost of £600 for additional modifications.

Considering the fitter was only paid approximately £500 for assembly and fixing of all the units and there was only one fitter, I find that £1150 for delivery for the units, removal and disposing of old kitchen excessive. For £1150 I would have expected a team of tradesmen, each fully qualified in their particular trade.

On delivery we were told that the hob would not be available for some time and indications were given of a month or longer and this is despite being assured approximately two months before hand via a telephone call that all units were in stock. When I phoned the warehouse and inquired why the units were not in stock, the manager was unable to inform me why my hob that had been paid for and reserved for me was not available. Again I questioned him about the manner in which the warehouse was managed and basically was told that I had no idea how to manage a warehouse and he thought that it was funny that we could not get a hob for about four weeks. If one takes into account the fact that I am experienced in managing a warehouse effectively I took offence to his attitude.

As a result of the warehouse manager’s negative and unhelpful attitude, we drove through to Kidderminster and spoke to the manager, Mr P, at Currys who was helpful in that he made several phone calls and located a hob. This was then delivered on the following Wednesday. I would like to know why the warehouse manager could not be bothered to pick up the phone and make the same inquiries.

Representatives of Currys assured us that the whole job of fitting the kitchen would be completed by late afternoon on Friday 26th July and this suited us as we had guests arriving from overseas very early on Monday 29th July 2002 and we wanted everything completed by then. This would have given us plenty of time to wallpaper and tile the kitchen and do any necessary painting on the Saturday prior to leaving for London sometime on Sunday morning. The idea was to have a relaxing drive through to London to spend some time sight seeing in London before we booked into the Swan Hotel in Staines in the early evening.

Unfortunately due to incorrect articles being delivered and other articles not being delivered the fitter was delayed in fitting the kitchen. Added together all the delays amounted to a full day and consequently the fitter could not finished until the Saturday afternoon which meant we could not hang any wall paper, fit tiles or do any painting until late Saturday afternoon. Subsequently we still working on the Sunday and could not depart for London until late Sunday afternoon. We were unable to do any sightseeing as we only arrived at our hotel at about 8:00 pm. Considering we had paid £80 for our room and arrived too late for the evening meal as a result of the delays in the fitting of our kitchen, we lost a day of enjoyment and there can never be enough compensation for a day lost.

As a result of all the stress, anxiety and running around we had to endure, plus the loss of a day’s relaxation, sightseeing and the restrictions placed on us regarding the hotel room, we would like to compensated to the value of at least £350 as this was the cost of a days work by your fitter. It certainly was not the fault of the fitter that the incorrect goods were delivered and that there were shortfalls.

In addition, at present I have been trying for the last two or three weeks to have the kitchen tap replaced and a sticky drawer adjusted. Also recently I have discovered that the kitchen heater does not work any more. I do not understand why I have to do all the phoning and pay personal visits to Currys in Kidderminster in order to get things rectified.

I was present when a representative from your company phoned Mr KR and requested that the work be carried out to rectify the problems. I was then assured that I would be contacted the following day on Monday 9th September 2002. To date I have heard nothing. It appears that they have got their money out of us and do not care about the customer any more.

Your company employed these contractors and as such it is the responsibility of your company to ensure that the work is carried out. If the work is not carried out by Tuesday 17th September 2002, I will employ independent contractors to carry out the rectifications and I will then present the invoice to Currys for payment including a claim for compensation for additional costs.

I can be contacted on either 01XXX XXXXXX (home) 01XXX XXXXXX or 07XXXXXXXXX (mobile) or in writing at the above address. If I do not hear from your company within the next seven days I will have to assume that you wish me to pursue the matter through legal channels.

The most annoying aspect is that no one at Currys bothers to contact you as on a number of occasions I have phoned the Kidderminster branch of Currys, I have paid personal visits, I have written and requested that further repairs be carried out to my newly installed kitchen. Two days ago I sent a "Letter of Demand" to SiR Stanley Kalms, Chairman of the Dixons Group and also one to the local store manager in Kidderminster. Surprise, surprise, neither one have answered at this stage. I will have no hesitiation in taking this to the small claims court once the 7 days have passed after the letter of demand was sent.

I have spoken to a Ms EK at the store, a Mr M M, a Mr G D who has never bothered to reurn any calls and also the store manager who I know as Mr P.

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  Editorial Comments

update on 18 October 2002

"I was contacted by the manager from Currys who told me that someone would call and carry out the repairs this Friday. Someone did pitch up and instead of replacing the tap they adjusted it and in doing so chipped a piece of the ceramic. The tap is now in a worse state than what it was before.

We were then told by this workman who was supposed to be the boss man that he could not repair the heating. He then told us that we must phone one of his tradesman to carry out the repair. Considering that I am a customer and not employed by Currys or any of their sub-contractors I found this to be insulting taking into account we have just forked out £1750 for labour. We are still waiting! This is a total nightmare.... Ian"


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No great surprises here. If you read the litany of complaints about Dixon Group companies on the usenet (try a Google Groups search) you'll realise that they prefer to go to court rather than offer good customer service as (at the end of the day) it is cheaper for them. They have a team of corporate lawyers on the payroll and most customers back down if faced with the prospect of legal action. Clive... 14 October 2002
I have had repeated problems with Currys (Dixons Group) but NO MORE as I will never buy from them again. Bought a freezer from them with Mastercare warranty that broke down and took two months to repair.

Bought a dishwasher from them, again with the Mastercare warranty, that took two years, YES TWO YEARS, to be replaced when it failed totally during the warranty. Recently bought a modem lead at the Sevenoaks store that failed after three months, on returning it I was told leads only have a one month warranty.

I will never buy from Currys again - hopefully neither will my friends, relatives, neighbours, internet viewers either. BTW PC World, Dixons, Currys are one and the same - beware when they are located near each other. Steve... 2 May 2003
Today 11/05/03 I bought a CD rewriter from PC World in Truro.
I came home, installed it,wrote some CDs. My son arrived about an hour later and wanted to write some CDs. THE POWER SUPPLY FAILED. £89.99 for the rewriter, and the poxy power supply failed after 2 hours.

The rewriter was made in China the poxy power supply was made , where? THE UK. We invented the power supply with Farady and that lot and now we cant even get one to work for more than an hour. The response from the the PC World helpline (which incidentally he said was in Sheffield !!) and answered by a very nice fellow whose command of English good as it was, led me to think he was in India.

I had no satisfaction...I have a £90 piece of kit from PC world relying on a crap transformer. All these people say at PC world is tough!! You bought it , we saw you coming,what are you going to do about it. Why dont we consumers all decide to go to a Dixons/Currys/PC world shop on one Sunday and scare the hell out of them. Does anyone know the name of the top man? Go to a top man and ignore the "servants" and puppets in between.
Does anyone know the top mans name etc? Are the calls put through to India David Honey...11 May 2003
My partner and I bought a duel fuel cooker from currys.
Delivered on the day agreed.The attitude of the delivery men was to say the least not helpful.I checked for any visual damage, there wasn't any.

Just as the delivery men left I opened the oven door only to find the oven had been used, it ws covered in grease. I tried to stop the delivery men but they had vanished. On closer inspection I lifted up the gas burners on top and there was grease under each burner. To cap it all the actual model was not duel fuel.
How could a company like currys with its fancy advertising make such a cock up? They have not heard the last of it I can tell you !
ALAN Nc NICHOLAS... 8 June 2003
The grease you find is a protective layer
to prevent from dust through manufacture this is normal and is burnt of through cooking.
Anon .. 28 September 2003

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