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Dixons Store Group
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Mr S Ghosh
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I have purchased a computer from Currys, Newbury Park on 4th June, 2002 and made the entire payment by Debit Card. The package included printer, Scanner and Workstation as well. I carried the printer and scanner home that very day, but the rest of the things were supposed to be delivered to my home on Sunday, 9th June.

On Sunday morning, I received a call from delivery section and they told me that for some unavoidable reason, they will deliver these things next morning. So I cancelled all my engagements on Monday and did wait for them. Finally they came with the CPU, but said the monitor and the workstation are missing. Or at least, they could not find it in the lorry. The delivery people promised me that everything will be delivered on the following day. But again, I waited in vain throughout the day. In the meantime, I called up Currys Newbury park and wanted to talk to the manager. Somebody in the counter told me that the manager will get back to me but that phone never came.

I went to Currys this morning (12th June) and narrated them the entire story. They kept me waiting for more than 15 minutes and then said they are 'helpless' and it's a fault of delivery people. When I pointed out that Currys promised me 'free delivery' and I have not dealt with any deliveryman in the process, they were shockingly rude to me. They said Currys is not a 'cornershop', and here deliveries are dealt with differently. Then they bluntly told me nothing can be delivered before Sunday, June 16th. At one point of time, they even told me that I have already taken the workstation with me, which I have not.

Now, I am totally disgusted by this type of behaviour and Customer service from Currys. This computer was, in fact a gift to my wife on our marriage anniversary which was on June 10th. I have already missed the occassion for these irresponsible people and I don't know when my endless waiting will be over. On the top of that, they are not even ready to accept their mistake and that is most disturbing.

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