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Dixons Store Group

Weston Super Mare
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Mrs M Payne
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This complaint was submitted by Marion Payne on behalf of her daughter Mrs J Honeywell.

Original details received May 2002:

My daughter bought her son a packard bell laptop at Currys, Weston Super Mare,in September,for her son who is dyslexic to help him with his homework.

The laptop soon went wrong it has gone bact to Currys twice, and it has gone back to the factory in France four times. It is still not right, she is also paying £500 extra warranty on it no one wants to know about it, her son is very upset, my daughter is teminally ill, her husband has to look after her, so cant work.

This is a lot of money for them, they have spoken to the manager he, is not interested. It goes on and on please help desparate Marion Payne.

clik2complaints decided to email Curry's before publication.
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on 8 May 2002, Andy Bell from Currys/Dixon replied requesting further details.
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This was obtained from Ms Payne on 16 May 2002 and forwarded to Currys/Dixons
on 17 May 2002.

Ms Payne sent another email to Andy Bell of Currys on 26 May 2002:

I wrote to jon at on the 17th of may he sent you the answers you asked for from me, it is now over a week no answer from you.

This is for my daughter mrs j honeywell, of weston super mare,please have the good manners to reply, from marion payne

On 28 May 2002, Rachael H of Currys/Dixons sent an email requesting the previous emails again! Click here for details. This was sent for her attention on 30 May 2002.

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  Editorial Comments

11 June 2002.
We have published these details today, emailed Currys/Dixons to make them aware it is now in the public domain and written to Ms marion Payne to confirm whether the matter has finally been dealt with humanely and compassionately by Currys/Dixons.


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