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Claverley Hotel
Knightsbridge, London
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Paul Morton
Town/City of Residence:

We were very disappointed with the room and the service during our stay on 28/9/ 01. (Room 17)

The double room we were given was so small we were unable to pass each other on either side of the bed. During a shower the water would run cold and then we had to wait for more hot water.

I spoke to reception regarding the shower on the first day and was told it was the boiler and every thing would be fine. The same problem occured the following morning, only enough hot water for a short shower for one person. I spoke to reception yet again and was told it was an air lock and to run the cold sink tap simultaneously, this didn't fix the problem.

At £120 pounds per night I expected a far better room service and facilities than this. I find it hard to believe that AA and RAC rate this room four diamonds as advertised. Also prior notice to the disturbing building work next door would have been appreciated. This even started at 8 oclock Saturday.

This was nothing like the rooms on the web site.

I have e-mailed and written several times but I have received no reply.

  Editorial Comments

The simple courtesy of a response would be nice. A right of reply letter has been issued. Please let's have other visitor comments.
update on 16 October 2001
According to Claverley Hotel this matter has already been resolved with Mr Morton and we get a slap on the wrists for lack of an "effort on your behalf to obtain both sides of the story". . Mr Morton submitted details to TCCL on 14 October 2001- Claverley say they had written on 8 October 2001- We issued a Right of Reply letter on 15 October 2001. We have now written to Mr Morton for his response. Claverley's other criticism of this service has been highlighted on the Right of Reply homepage with my comments

update on 18 October 2001
Mr Morton has replied, insisting that he has not been contacted by Claverley!
"The Claverly Hotel have still not responded to my complaint. I have recieved no letter or e-mail. When we booked we asked for a double room. We were given a small double room.

Could you please tell me how this standard room is rated four diamonds. And may be put me in touch with them.

Thank you for your help"

We have obliged, giving Mr Morton the manager's email. We will keep you posted and please let's have your comments on this story.

update on 4 November 2001
A few words to update you. I Have still not received any comunication from the claverley hotel. I Have contacted the AA regarding the inspection body who rates the hotel but still waiting for a reply. I cant seem to contact the RAC inspection body.

update on 7 November 2001
The AA have written to me regarding the ratting of the hotel and will be looking into the matter. Unfortunately they have no powers of enforcement and cannot arbitrate on my behalf. Also the outcome of their investigation, if one takes place will be kept confidential.

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I think you have unreasonable expectations. You got the room you paid for. The room price ranges from £120-£195, you booked the cheapest. The hotel can't be held responsible for adjacent building work, 8.00am is not an unreasonable time for it to start either. If the problem with the shower is genuine why can't it be recreated? Some people complain because they can - Are you one of those people?
Richard...17 September 2002
I totally agree with Richard
- you quite obviously have nothing better to do. Contacting the AA? what on earth do you think they should do about it? Take away stars because of one not particularly justified complaint?
Carla ... 26 July 2003
In Mr Mortons Defense :
The words called decency.
First and Foremost I would like you to put yourselves in Mr Mortons shoes and empathise with the situation.

The facts

Quote Mr Morton:
'The double room we were given was so small we were unable to pass each other on either side of the bed'.

Addressing the first issue in isolation, it is clear to see that the Claverley Hotel in Knightsbridge do not cater for disabled persons, as the width between the bed and the interior walls is barely wide enough for a person let alone a wheelchair or walking stick user. An area I believe the Claverley Hotel will need to pay close attention to regarding the recent re-vamp of the Disability Discrimination Act and access denial due to be enforced within the next 12 months.

Secondly square footage is indeed charged at a premium especially in and around the City.

But upon selection of a hotel do you really expect prospective customers (guests), to enquire into the dimensions of each available room. I believe this to be un-realistic and advantageus on your behalf.

The A.A and R.A.C issue accreditation on the following criterias amongst others: Quality, Comfort,SPACE, Facilities and Cleanliness.

Quote A.A / R.A.C

'meeting expectations or exceeding them.

Areas that fell short in Mr Mortons stay.
His perception of what the Claverley Hotel was offering him, far from matched reality.

A four diamond rated premises as a minimum should:

Offer Local information to allow the guest to make the best of his/her stay, pricing and conditions should also be made clear prior to the point of sale.

The Claverley Hotel had played half the game at least but failed to mention the courtesy wake up call at 8.00a.m.

Quote The Claverley hotel:

'I explained that the room confirmed was a small double room.'

'Like all hotels we have varying room sizes etc. This is reflected in the price of the room. Our website shows a price range of 120-195 for doubles. Mr. Morton accepted our offer for a small double room at 120.'

But the claverley hotel have no excuse not to advise prospective customers regarding construction work taking place.

Quote Mr Morton:

'Also prior notice to the disturbing building work next door would have been appreciated. This even started at 8 oclock Saturday'.

As far as the incident with the shower I believe had the management dealt with this problem instantly a lot of heart ache and grief could well have been eliminated, their is no excuse and as a four diamond rated hotel I would assume that your staff would have developed their interpersonal skills beyond the confine of offering the guest varying excuses rather than attending to the problem.

Quote Mr Morton:

'During a shower the water would run cold and then we had to wait for more hot water'.

(Four Star)
Exceptional overall level of quality. Excellent standards of management efficiency and guest services.

As far as the theory of the un-educated consumers on this page:


You got the room you paid for. The room price ranges from 120-195, you booked the cheapest.

I have never heard such a ridiculous statement, I have paid 5 for a room in the past and received as a minimum hot water, adequate space and a peaceful stay so Im sure for the levy of 120 as a minimum these wishes should be catered for.

Advice to the Cleverly Hotel:

Sell your varying rooms by (x) pounds per square inch treat it as a quirky marketing ploy and sit and wait to see how many rooms you sell.

I think not alternatively put your mouth where your mission statement is and offer honesty as standard.

Break down in Communication by the not so Cleverly Claverley

An interested by-stander. In Mr Mortons Defense
3 December 2003

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