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Ms S Kapl
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I was contacted by one of an O2 sales advisors begin of September 2002, where I purchased a contract phone (100 free test msg.) over the phone. Two days after I placed the order I contacted O2 customer service on 09063025151 (50p/min) in order to cancel the phone straight away before it will be send out to me. I was on hold for approx. 30 min and then was passed around or advised to contact other phone numbers since nobody seem to be responsible or in the position to cancel the contract.

I then finally got through to Mrs M O on 0870220331 (premium rate) who advised me that she will cancel the contract straight way, the phone will NOT be sent out to me and I will not be charged or money will go out from by account.

However a few days later I DID RECEIVE THE PHONE AND THE CONTACT PAPERS. I therefore went straight away to the O2 shop at Ealing Broadway and was advised by their management that I will have to call 09063025151 again and O2 will arrange for someone to pick up the phone from my home. I did call that number again and was now on hold for approx. 20 min until I spoke to an advisor who informed me that I need to send the phone by recorded delivery myself.

The following day I send the phone by recorded delivery to O2.

However in the middle of October I suddenly received another email form O2 advising me that my bill is available for viewing on the Internet. Now I do not even have a password or username to enter the O2 web site to view my account also I was under the assumption that my contract has now finally been cancelled.

I spend again ages on the phone to O2 customer service department and was AGAIN transferred or asked to contact different numbers again, also I was refused to speak to a manager everytime I requested to speak to someone. I finally got through to Ms S at customer service on 0906 302 5151 (Calls are charged at 50p a minute) who advised me that Mrs M O has never cancelled my contract and I am owing O2 now £50 for line rental. I asked to speak to a manager but apparently there was nobody willing to speak to me, however was advised my Ms S that she will check with her management and call be back. Again as I asked her for her last name as reference she refused to give me her last name.

After 3 hours I finally received a call back from her informing me that she has now officially cancelled my contract and I will not longer receive any emails/bills from O2, also I do not have to pay the£50 since I clearly cancelled by contract way before I even received the phone. Also I was told that she would send me a confirmation via email – WHICH OF COURSE I NEVER RECEIVED.

Now on the 11th of November 02 I received again an email from O2 advising me that my bill is available for viewing on the internet and £28.95 will be taken out from my account.

It is quite clear to me that O2 does NOT want to cancel my contract and is trying to charge me for something (phone + line rental) I do not have.

All together is spend about 3 to 3.5 hours on the phone to the O2 customer service department in order to get this issue solved asap however till this day my contract with O2 has still not been cancelled. Please note that whenever i had to call O2 i had to call their prim. number 0906..., or was put through or asked to call this number which is 50p/min.

So far i spend approx £90 calling/running after O2 in order for them to cancel my contract which again i never signed, etc. I Urgently need some HELP, since i do not feel im in the position to get this issue resolved. I tried no several times and still after paying for all this phone calls i am still were i started from.

Kind Regds, Sandra KAPL

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update on 27 November 2002
Thank you O2 for your prompt response - (see above right hand column). Ms Kapl has been advised of O2's contact. We wait for her response/confirmation.

update on 29 November 2002
O2 also wrote direct to Ms Kapl: "Hi jon, please find below the email i recieved from O2 in regards to my complain. Thanks Sandra Kapl"
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