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British Gas
  13 Aug 2001 British Gas: poor poor service
  02 Nov 2001  British Gas..no replies to letters of complaint?
  12 Nov 2001  British Gas......
  14 Nov 2001   British Gas......
  14 Mar 2002   British Gas......"I have written two letters of complaints in as many days"
  14 May 2002 British Gas.... 23 emails!!
  15 May 2002  British Gas..."lamentable lack of service"
  26 May 2002 British Gas..."we felt singled - out for this appalling treatment,"
  26 June 2002 British Gas..."I want to complain and make a claim of compensation"
  22 Aug 2002 British Gas...'British Gas seem unable to get their heads around this'
  28 Oct 2002 British Gas..."I really am at the end of my tether"
  16 Nov 2002 British Gas.."I can never find anyone at BG to take responsibility..."
  15 Mar 2003 British Gas.."British Gas kept on taking full payment"
  15 Apr 2003 British Gas..please let me go to someone else!
  12 Dec 2003 No seems to want to take ownership of this issue.
  12 Dec 2003 I haven't had a bill in nearly two years
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