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British Gas

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Mr Jack Kybird

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very quarter I used to get a rebate on my prepayment card meter and received statements, unitil I joined British gas in 1999 since then I have been telephoning and writing. When I telephone they say they are sorting the problem but never do.
And when I write they just do not reply.

Finally in march 2002, I went to energywatch (Their case ref: 100622) and British gas (customer reference XXXXXXX) wrote to them saying the problem was being sorted.
And on may 21 st a Mr Topley from customer relations phones me to say a statement and cheque for £135 is on its way.

On the 12th June, I telephoned again this time to be told I should receive a statement and a cheque for £333.20 and lo and behold on the 20th june I receive a cheque for £313.20 but still no statement which I want so that I can check the meter readings and charges.

Mr Stuart Roberts head of customer relations says
If you need us, were here to help. All it takes is a phone call
08456091122 for your free copy of our companies complaint handling code of practice.
just try it - the number will give you option numbers to press none of which is the free code of practice leaflet option..

I want to complain and make a claim of compensation for all the hassle they are giving me over the last three years and the frustration of not having my letters replied too, not to mention the loss of the money that they deprived me off over the years.

I am on income support of 53 per week so £300 is a lot of money to me. How would you feel about British gas holding onto 6 weeks of your wages ?

Incidently do not expect to speak to the same person at british gas customer relations department 0845 9555901 becouse from my experience the last named person dealing with the case no longer works there or they are out.

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Update on 9 July 2002
"[British Gas] -sent me letter a letter of appology which i received 8 july
enclosed was a copy of the statement that was based on estimated reading.
I have asked for a statement showing a dated meter reading.

"I have not heard from energywatch. basically still waiting for a acceptable statement"

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update on 17 July 2002
Dear click2complaints I saw my solicitor today about british gas !
what he told me was a bit of a shock. Apparently he has a list as long as your arm of people with the same problem.

He told me i was lucky to have had any money back and british gas are by no means the worst. Apparently british gas are not legally obligated to take meter readings each year and when they say in the contract that they will send periodic statements in my case periodic is once in three years.

Unfortunately I cannot prove I made any payments from june to dec 99 even though i must have done or i would not have had electricity.

When i got round to british gas ignoring letters and telephone calls and changing people dealing with cases is standard opperating tactics that they use. The bottom line was that none of it is morally right but they have not broken there contract.

I guess i just have to put it down to experience and add it to the list of how rigged the system is in exploiting the vunerable. I suppose having a hook on british gas gives me the chance to practice my being an expensive pain in the butt skills. On AOL news centrica shatres fell 20% last week. british gas the AA and Goldfish credit cards are all centrica companies.
yours jack kybird dissilutioned 17 July 2002


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