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British Gas
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Mr C Tyndale-Biscoe

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In July 2001 our old boiler failed. We met with a technical advisor (e.g.salesman) from British Gas who sold us a new “package” to include boiler, fitting and labour. B.G. assured us that the inflated price of this “package” was because we would receive excellent service.

We were told that the job would take 3 days. In fact it took over a fortnight during which time we had to make numerous phone calls to get the process to continue.

An electrician drilled through one of the water pipes and also mis-wired the system so that it did not work. The primary system leaked and it took three visits, several phone calls and more than a week to get this fixed.

Bricks were required to repair the hole in the outside wall left by the removal of the previous system. These should have been delivered with the boiler, but were not. Eventually one of the fitters had to go to a nearby town to get bricks.

We lost count of the number of visits but it was more than ten and about as many different individual fitters, none of whom knew what the previous ones had done. We had to wait in for each of these visits and British Gas “were unable” to arrange precise times so we were greatly inconvenienced.

For nine months British Gas refused to acknowledge our complaints at this poor service, let alone address them, despite about a dozen letters, as many emails and countless telephone calls to the “Customer Relations” department ( this name is a sick joke as the concept of customer relations escapes British Gas). They have finally written us a series of letters, each of which claims that their inflated prices reflect the high standard of service that they offer, but none of which addresses the fact that they failed to deliver an even adequate service to us.

There has been no hint of an apology and the last letter was frankly insulting.

Like your other complainants we have found it impossible to get through the telephone answering system to anyone capable of understanding our problems and it is clear that this failure is due to deliberate British Gas policy. We have been left feeling conned and frustrated and bullied – something which we resent thoroughly. Until we found this website we felt singled - out for this appalling treatment, but we can only assume that it reflects British Gas policy and the contempt in which they hold their clients.

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