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British Gas

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Miss N Cannell
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16/2/02 - My partner and I moved into our new accomodation which is rented.

26/2/02 - We received a bill from British Gas ( B.G.) who were requesting a payment of just under £300 from the previous tenant. I telephoned them and spoke to an Adviser called Belinda, who took details of our recent re-location into this property and noted that we were not responsible for this bill, She assured me that we would not be cut off from our gas supply and if I could send them details of my previous address she would then do a credit check and set up an account for us. That evening I wrote to B.G. with the address of my landlord to perhaps aid them in chasing the previous tenant. and also included two proofs of ID of previous address.

6/3/02 - B.G. sent us a letter stating they had receive my letter and documents.

- B.G. came into the grounds of our house whilst we were at work and removed our meter.

8/3/02 - I telephoned B.G. about 5 times on this day. I was told they HAD NOT received our documents I was asked to fax everything again, and then they would do a credit check. I complained about the cold affecting my breathing due to being asthmatic and I was told unless I provided a medical letter I could not be put on an emergency appointment.

9/3/02 -I went to my Doctor at 9.30 am and obtained a letter stating this situation was detrimental to my health. I faxed it to B.G. and called to say that it was at the fax machine. I called them again 2 hours later and they confirmed they had received the letter but I had not been put on emergency. I would be now and someone would call before they closed. This was a Saturday so B.G. close at 1pm. At 12.45 I received a call saying it had taken to long to sort out, for which I was inadvertantly blamed, then told someone would call Monday. We froze the whole weekend.

11/3/02 - I eventually received a call that evening at 8.15 pm after calling for most of the day again, and the adviser told me that they still could not get me an appointment, but my credit check had been unsuccessful, and therefore I would have to have a prepay meter. I disputed this as my Landlord does not allow them, and they said it was nothing to do with myself, but that particular property had to have a prepay. I couldn't understand why if they had taken out a quaterly meter.

12/3/02 - Numerous calls were made to B.G. but to no avail, still no appointment.

- They came to fit the quaterly meter in the morning, so my Sister had to take time out of her schedule to stay at my house whilst we were at work so the meter could be fitted.. The engineer who fitted it was grumpy, rude and couldn't understand why the original had been removed.

B.G. kept me waiting a week for an emergency appointment.. I have spoken to about 14 advisers, many twice. All but one were obnoxious, rude and arrogant. They never let me finish a sentance and always spoke over me. A billing manager, Barbara Warren was helpful but as it was not her forte should could not do much for me. I was refused a manager twice, once by Shirley and once by Linda. It did not matter if I lost my temper or spoke quite calmly, I still received no help at all. I managed to keep my temper until the 12th call, by which stage is was getting too much. I have written two letters of complaints in as many days, I wonder if I will receive a reply? Many thanks

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update on 2 April 2002

"I was contacted last week and B.Gas have offered to install a quaterly meter and waive the credit check or deposit. They also offered some compensation. However I discovered over the Easter weekend that they have been removing credit from our gas card for the previous occupants debt!!!!Will British Gas ever sort it out?Many thanks..Nicky"


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I have been a customer of British Gas for 10 years, due to an impending divorce, I have moved into rented accomodation, they have basically done the same to me refusing me a stand tariff meter, because of the history of the property - previous tennants had defaulted!!

The attitude of BG staff is appalling it's rare you get to speak to the same person. Key meters are a form of theft and usery They cost 40% more for the supply of Gas and Electricity, even though they can take the money via a switch card. I've written to BG I.m awaiting a reply for my complaint.
Ann Kay...11 March 2003

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