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British Gas

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Miss K Holt
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My partner and I opted to have LPG Gas Central Heating installed at our new home back in July. We had seen a representative from British Gas who had drawn up a contract for the installation and gave us an installation date(26th September 2001).
We paid an initial deposit of £347.00 approximately and also signed a finance agreement for the remaining costs.

Prior to the date of installation we had ripped out all of our electric heaters from the house in preperation for the new system. A day prior to the installation date, all of the radiators, boiler, copper pipes etc was delivered to our house and placed in the kitchen.

My partner had booked off two days holiday so that he would be there whilst the system was installed. On the morning of installation my partner received a call from a British Gas representative and was told that the engineer was off sick and therefore would not be able to install the system until mid December!!

After several telephone calls to the National Central Heating Office, Stockport my partner managed to get another date for installation being 22 October 2001. Meanwhile we had to endure a freezing cold house and a kitchen full of central heating equipment.

During this time I had contacted my local Citizens Adive Bureau (Chesham Branch)and they have written a letter of comlaint to Mark Thain, Britsh Gas, Stockport on my behalf and I have still yet to receive a reply.

On the second date of installation the engineers actually arrived only to find that the boiler that had been sitting in our kitchen for the past month was infact the wrong boiler and therefore they could not carry out the work!!

We asked if they could get the correct bolier delivered straight away and they said it would take up to two weeks minimum for delivery!! Therefore we decided to cancel the order due to the fact that they had let us down twice. I sent a fax to Debbie Bancroft at British Gas Accounts Department that same day requesting return of deposit and assurance of not being liable towards any further cost or charges (due to the fact that I had signed a finance aggreement).

I have still yet to receive a reply on this, however I have finally had the deposit credited back to my visa account on 9th November. Even though I have had the deposit returned the heating equipment is still cluttering up our kitchen.

I have not received a single letter of apology (or acknowlegement) or compensation from British Gas. The Citizen Advice Bureau has sent a letter and a fax to British Gas and have also failed to receive a reply. They have also informed Trading Standards of the situation who are also awaiting a reply.

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A Right of Reply email has been sent.
update 23 November 2001
An email from British Gas indicating some movement to resolve this complaint. Ms Holt has been notified.

26 November 2001
"Thank you for putting my story on the consumer complaints list. I have not heard from British Gas as yet but I will let you know if they do contact me in the near future." Ms Holt

6 December 2001
"Yesterday I had a call from PAS Plumbing in Hemel (they delivered all the heating equipment) to say the had a call from Stephen Fisher at British Gas asking if they could arrange a date to collect the equipment which is currently still sitting in the Kitchen.

I spoke to the lady at PAS and told her I have still had yet to have any contact whatsoever from British Gas regarding acknowledgment of previous letters sent or compensation on the matter. They seem to be avoiding putting anything in writing but getting others to contact via the phone.

I asked her to get someone at British Gas to contact me a put this request in writing along with an acknowledgment and some form of compensation for the inconvience my partner and I have endured over the past three months.I still await to hear from them." Ms Holt


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I moved in my home on 19/8/2002. I have been waiting for a card meter but still no joy. 4 days off work, lose of £244 and get told we will ring you back in 3 weeks. Pls get back in touch with me or i will go to the top. Mr Tierney... 26 October 2002
This would not have happened if you had ordered from a private company, [who do not get paid if they do not turn up and know that and that you will go elsewhere] though i would not have taken out the old system if god himself had promised to come and install a new one! funnily enough i have just been surfing for providers of central heating as we are hoping to change from gas warm air to radiators and new boiler etc and thought i would look at what british gas had to offer- your tale has put me off said british gas completely and i will stick to getting quotes from local heating companies, thanks jo hardy....18 November 2002

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